Mixing Stained Trim/Doors With White

September 22, 2018

There are no pretty pictures this week my lovelies! Just a little lesson on one of the most common questions I receive from readers and that is  asking about mixing stained trim and doors with painted white trim and doors. I wrote a blog on this subject here a few years ago. Many homeowner’s wish to update their stained trim to white but they find it so overwhelming because there is so much of it throughout the home.

One solution I wrote about here, is to paint the walls, trim and doors all one color:



Another idea I think works well for an updated look is to leave the doors stained, (which is expensive to change), and paint the trim around the door white:

white trim

white trim stained door

These photos are from the new house we moved into recently.   I think the stained doors with the white trim looks good and with all new wall colors, they will look beautiful.

open door

(Much easier to convince your husband to paint just the trim!)

stained door

I do think some of the trim in the house does need to be painted:

needs painted

Everything around it is painted white. Maybe they just forgot it was there because it is hidden in a little corner. haha

Here is another idea they used:

front door2

I am wondering if they left the trim around the white door to work with the stained window in the room:

front window

Which makes sense if there was a lot of other stained trim in the room. But if you look at the fireplace and it’s lightness, I feel the window trim should be painted white to work well with the rest of the room:

dining room

front room

We are going to paint the window trim white. Even my husband agrees without a fight. Hurray!

Are you still struggling with your stained trim and want to update? Painting the trim around the doors is a good start, don’t you agree?

Our first home project is tackling the guest room:

guest room2

Company is coming and I want it to be fresh and new and beautiful! The very bossy carpet is going to stay for now, ( I checked, no hardwood underneath). The color is a red – violet, (the color is more accurate in the above photo):

red violet

I think I will look first for bedding that will incorporate this color and then find the best wall color to paint. I will keep you updated!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I like the stained (natural) looking doors with white trim. IMO the living area with stained window trim ties in well with the hardwood floors.
    When it comes to your guest room – well, I’m NOT a purple, lavender, violet color person for any room. So if I had to deal with that color carpet I would find a sisal rug to put down to cover a good portion of the carpet. That would bring out the natural trim & cover up that violet.
    Good luck. Can’t wait to see how you make out with the guest room.

    • Hi Robyn,
      The window stain would work with the floor, but I have a chance to have it painted white and I know I will like white better. I DO love purple, haha and going to try to work with rug and be creative. I like layering rugs over sisal, but I have not tried sisal over a rug before, have you?

  2. I’m thinking of painting my trim a “color”. In truth I am considering a gray color or a darker hue of what I put on the walls. Any ideas on this? I do love the color of the year for abenjamin Moore and maybe something darker in that family my become a new living room glamorizing for me

  3. Hello! Years ago, I replaced all of the hardwoods in my home with white doors, trim, and baseboards! Oh, Oh….I love the look of the white, but I am not a fan of keeping it clean and wish I had kept the hardwood. I cannot afford to replace everything. Currently, I am having new hardwood flooring laid in my kitchen and hallway toward the bedrooms. I am considering leaving the white doors and trim but replacing all baseboards with matching stained baseboards? What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Jan,
      Hard to answer without photos. But, I know if I had the white trim, and loved the look of the white trim, why would you change to stained? Then it will not flow well with everything else. Usually people have the problem the other way around. 🙂

  4. Hello,
    Is it okay to paint the trim white only in the bedroom area’s. When all the trim is stained in the rest of my home? I would like to keep door’s and inner window’s stained. The bedroom’s and bath are on second level of home.

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