Updating Your Trim/Molding

July 14, 2018

Are you wanting to change your look in a room, but stained molding is stopping/preventing you from getting the fresh, clean and updated look you are yearning for? I have another solution. No, I am not talking about gorgeous historical or custom made trim work like this:

wood trim


I am talking about the too small and thin stained molding that looks like eyeliner on the top and bottom of your wall:

stained trim


A solution? Paint the trim the same color as the wall!  Wouldn’t it be great to only have to select ONE paint color for painting the walls, the trim and the doors the same color! Genius. Think of all the time you will save taping edges!

Here are a few examples of how beautiful it will look painting the room all in one color:

paint and trim same


painted trim2


Use the same color for the walls, the top and bottom trim and doors inside the room if you are looking to ‘disguise’ the existing molding and trim. I suggest using an eggshell finish, but you can go glossy or whichever finish you like:

painted trim3


trim and walls


It looks very restful, doesn’t it? I suggest only doing one room at a time so you do not become overwhelmed. Close the door and see what you have to paint. No window or door trim to mask.

revere walls and trim


So simple and so gorgeous!

trim same


Here they used the same color, but painted the walls in a flat finish and trim in a semi-gloss:



Seriously, don’t you think it is a great idea? One color. Of course it will match with the rest of your home’s molding so you do not have to worry about coordinating or contrasting or matching, etc. etc. This way you can do one room at a time.  I hope these photos how shown you how beautiful the room can be painted all in the same color. So, If you are discouraged because  you feel your trim is not working with your dream look of a room, give it a try!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Kelly, I love the look of the wall and trim as the same color, I was thinking of going with an off white in the living, dining, and kitchen which is all open to each other. My question is as long as I keep the same trim color through out the house, can I use other neutral colors in the bedrooms and family rooms?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Yes, absolutely! If you are using an off-white, the colors will all flow nicely. It is the color of your hallway that will effect the bedrooms more because they are right off of the hallway. Do you know what I mean? I hope this helps! Thanks for writing.

    • Hi Sandy,
      The flow to each room relates to the room that is open and visible to the next room. So if you want to flow to work well in a bedroom, just be sure the paint color will work well together with the hall color because they are next to each other. If you want your dining room to flow well with the kitchen, just be sure the kitchen and dining room paint colors work well with each other. For stained trim, yes it will work with most paint colors because it is considered a neutral because it is wood. Hope this helps and answers your question! Thanks for writing.

  2. rooms r trimmed in golden oak colour n doors
    I’m bored Im looking for a grey tone hardwood throughout the kitchen n living room open concept !
    What do u think !

    • Hi Dianne,
      I am not sure about mixing the two. You should first make sure by taking a look at a sample piece of the gray hardwood, lay on floor and see if it works well. Gray is a neutral with different undertones. I would like to know how you make out.

  3. […] You have the right idea by painting them out the same as the wall color to ‘hide’ the molding. It will help the molding blend in with the wall and ‘disappear. I would do the same with the crown molding in the other top photo, paint all the molding and trim same color as walls and it will make the trim must less noticeable. I talked about this treatment here: […]

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