Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Best Selling Neutrals

June 2, 2018

Have you been desperately searching for a neutral paint color for your living room?  Bedroom maybe? Take a look at Ben Moore’s top selling neutral color list for ideas and inspiration. Some may surprise you, others not at all!

Ben Moore best selling neutrals-001

This list changes every year and this is Ben Moore’s Best Selling Neutrals of 2018 listed in no particular order:

                                                                       Revere Pewter HC- 172


This beautiful neutral color is very popular because of it’s warmth and adaptability. I wrote here recently how well it works with many other colors:

Revere Pewter bedroom




                                                                           Edgecomb Gray HC- 173

ben moore edgecomb gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, which I highlighted here, is another of the most versatile neutral paint colors in the Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection. A bit lighter than Revere Pewter, this warm gray also works well with many other paint colors I suggested here, such as navy or black. Beautiful! Both Revere Pewter and Edgecomb are considered as muted or ‘ muddy’ grays rather than other clean and bright colors. When you have a lot of sunlight in the room, the gray is more prominent on the walls. In darker rooms and hallways, both colors show as more beige on the walls:

bm edgecomb gray


ben moore eddgecomb


                                                                         Stonington Gray HC- 170

ben moore stonington gray

Stonington Gray will feel a bit more fresh and brighter looking than Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray.  Stonington Gray has blue undertones which can look very blue in a room. It’s clean look may be too cool for some. But if you look it up online, you can see it can be a chameleon color,  looking more gray in some rooms and more blue in others:

ben stonington gray


bm stonington gray


bm stonington grays


                                                                                Gray Owl 2137-60

ben moore gray owl

A very light gray, and yes it is the same paint color as Gray Owl OC-52.  Considered lighter but similar to Stonington Gray. Gray Owl also has blue undertones but the green undertone is what most people see on their walls:

bm gray owl kitchen


ben moore gray owl laundry room


bm gray owl


If you are looking for a soft gray that has a tendency to show a light greenish tint, Gray Owl is for you.

                                                                           Manchester Tan HC- 81

ben moore manchester tan

Manchester Tan has always been one of my favorite neutrals. Although there are green undertones, they are not very visible in this easy-going beige. It is a soft neutral that works well with both beige yellow undertones and sometimes even red undertones! Just a tad darker than than Manchester Tan, Ben Moore’s Grant Beige HC- 83 is one of my top five neutrals in the whole Benjamin Moore Color Collection. A couple examples of Manchester Tan:

ben moore man tan


bm manchester tan


                                                                                Collingwood  859

ben moore collingwood

Did you know Ben Moore’s Collingwood 859 is also Collingwood OC-28? A huge favorite for many of my readers, I wrote here all about this soft, neutral gray. It reads as one of the ‘truest’ grays on the walls although it does have purple undertones, (which no one has ever complained about to me about seeing purple walls!) :

ben moore collingwood kitchen


bm collingwood


                                                                         Balboa Mist OC-27/1549

ben moore balboa mist


If you are looking for a paint color a slight bit lighter than Collingwood, then Balboa Mist is for you. It also has a bit of purple undertone, which gives it warmth, but I have never heard anyone complain of seeing purple. A very warm neutral that reads ‘gray’ on the walls. A beautiful neutral:

ben moore balboa


bm balboa mist


                                                                      Classic Gray OC-23/1548

ben moore classic gray

Classic Gray is in the same color family as Collinwood and Balboa Mist. Slight purple undertone, but reads ‘gray’ on the wall. It is part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Color Collection with an LRV of 78.4 meaning it will be light and bright on your walls. Beautiful color!:

ben moore classicgray


bm classic gray


                                                                         Silver Satin OC-26/856

ben moore silver satin

Silver Satin is a light, barely-there neutral that is another lighter version of the Collinwood/Balboa Mist/Classic Gray family. Part of Ben Moore’s Off-White Collection, Silver Satin great neutral to start with if you are nervous about color with an LRV 76.2, (you can read more about using LRV numbers when selecting a paint color here). A very light and fabulous gray!

bm silver satin


ben moore silver satins


And there is your updated, top selling Benjamin Moore Neutrals color list. All beautiful colors, all soft and versatile. Is your home painted in any of these colors? Are you surprised by any of these colors? Or not?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xo