Best Colors That Work With Revere Pewter

May 26, 2018

Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

This beautiful, favorite paint color to many homeowners, Revere Pewter is possibly the most perfect paint color ever made. It is a winner because of the softness and versatility of this flawless greige.

One reason I love this neutral is because of it’s ability to work with many other colors. So it is easy to leave the walls painted Revere and change up the rest of the room as often as you wish with  a new color accent wall or accessories.

One of my favorite color palettes working with Revere Pewter is turquoise:

Ben Moore Revere Pewter with SW Mediterranean


So pretty! Great color combination.

Revere and turquoise


Beautiful turquoise used here for the back of bookshelves. Look how picture perfect this dresser is painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Florence:

BM Revere and Turquoise


You know how I love navy blue and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paired with Revere Pewter is probably my personal favorite.

See how well the navy kitchen cabinet works with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter?:

BM Revere and navy


This photo below is from an online color/decorating consultation here I did a few years ago and is still so popular on Pinterest:

Ben revere and navy


Revere Pewter on the walls, White Dove for trim and cabinets, (read here for the best trim color with Revere Pewter), with navy area rug, pillows and window treatments. Love!

BM Revere Pewter and Navy


But not everyone loves navy like me, (hard to believe!), so I will give you a few more great options to use:)

If you want a soft, serene look, try Revere Pewter and White Dove:

Revere Pewter and white dove


A beautiful kitchen I would love to move into right now.  So clean and fresh. Or how about Revere Pewter and White Dove in your dining room?:

Revere Pewter and White


Gorgeous with the beige chairs and show-stopping chandelier!

Another perfect color combination is Revere Pewter and black:

Revere Pewter and Black


So classy and timeless, don’t you agree? I love painted interior doors.

revere pewter and blacks


A color I have been seeing quite a bit mixed with Revere Pewter is fresh green:

BM revere pewter and green


Although being an all beige room above, the green brings the whole room to life.

I love these statement green chairs in an otherwise neutral kitchen painted in Revere Pewter and white:

Ben Revere and greenvia


Revere works well with pink/red:

ben revere and red


ben revere pewter and redvia


Gray is another great color to work with when looking for a neutral color palette:

ben moore revere and Rockport gray


I think the greenery mixed in the room above gives the room necessary coziness. It would look too plain and cold without the plants.

ben revere pewter and gray


Although I think there are better paint choices for light colored woods, yellow/orange oak for example, Revere Pewter works beautifully with darker woods and brown as shown below:

bm revere pewter and brown


Ben Revere and brown


Are there any other colors you are using as a accent with Revere Pewter? Love to hear them!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love Revere Pewter! Considering it as an exterior color with either BM Wrought Iron or BM Hale Navy on the shutters. I would like my door to pop! Any suggestions? Also thinking of a dark wood door.

  2. Couldn’t agree more revere pewter is beautiful! My whole house is painted with it..Can you suggest a color that would go best with revere on my laundry room cabinets want just a hint of color.


    • Hi Tammy,

      I would love to be able to just give you a color, but I cannot without seeing photos. So many unknowns and I would want to be sure to give you the best color. I do online color/decorating consultations. For a one room color the price is $45.00. If you would like me to help you find the best color,send me an email [email protected] Thanks for writing!

      Best, Kelly

  3. Hi Kelly,

    What color is the interior door painted in the first photo? You said turquoise. I love the idea and want to use the same color in my home.


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