Color Spotlight: Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray

April 20, 2016

Looking for a beautiful, tranquil paint color for your bedroom?

edge comb shelves


edgecomb gray bedroom

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray HC-173 might just be the perfect color choice:

edgecomb bedroom

It is a very warm and welcoming neutral color:

edge gray bedroom

Like its fan deck neighbor Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray does  look grayer in natural light and more beige in rooms without a lot of sunlight.

edge bedroom

This paint color is very versatile. You can use use it with pops of color, (it works well with lots of colors)!:


Or keep as a more neutral look:

edgecomb neutral

I don’t think I have ever seen an Edgecomb Gray room I did not like:

edgecomb living room

I have also suggested this color for a client’s entry:

edge entry


Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s a wonderful alternative to beige and gray. It is now on my official list of Kelly’s Five Favorite Neutrals!  Have you used this paint color in your home? Wouldn’t it look beautiful in your bedroom?


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  1. Kelly, my whole house is painted this color. It is a very serene color and blends with the other brighter colored fabrics I like to use.

  2. I love the color as well! Used it in a few projects! Maybe you can help me on a question .. I recently used it in a bedroom where it showed a pinkish tinge like the picture of the entry with the blue striped rug. There was nothing in room yet and no lights on. I am thinking it is the exposure of the west sun in the day?
    Thank you

  3. I’ve not used it personally but did recommend it for a client’s LR and entryway. Beautiful neutral and great photo examples of its use, Kelly!

  4. Edgecomb Gray confuses me. According to Maria Killam’s blog, I thought it had a green undertone. But then it seems to have a little bit of a pinkish color coming through. Does that mean it has a pink undertone and not a green undertone. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks a lot.

    • Great question Pam. I see red undertones at times also. There must be some red in the color because it can turn to beige which has red undertones, right? To answer your question, I think Edgecomb Gray has red undertones- not green.

      • I was in Maria’s class as well as have all the color boards. Edgecomb gray is s green gray and I have used it many times with seeing the green gray with no pink. Then recently there the pink was. Everyone that walks in there asks is there pink in this gray??? I’m just curious about the why it does this? Thinking maybe to ask Maria

          • So I asked my other True Color Expert Friends what they thought the undertone was of Edgecomb Gray. Most of us agrees there is a slight pink undertone in certain lights. Maria said that has never happened to her.
            Readers? What say you?

          • Just read this message after my reply!! Oops!
            The only thing in room was a reddish tinged floor. Wonder if that plays a factor with orange light coming thru windows during day? I’m scared to use it now! And yet i have loved it before

  5. Just finished an Edgecomb Gray guest bedroom. Found a perfect carpet to complement: Soft Solutions Southwind, Skyline, Color:1103 Stargazer. Plan to finish it with tranquil blue / green water pictures/paintings over the beds. Very peaceful and elegant.

  6. I have to say I saw pink in that one picture also. Which turned me off since we just did our bedroom in a Sherwin Williams color called basalt powder n the same thing happened. I truly hate our b/r color. 🙁
    Can u tell me. What exactly is the best way to know what undertone color will show for these greige colors. I really want to use this type color throughout the rest of my home but I’m terrified it will look totally different than I imagined it to be. Please help! 🙂

  7. Hi Pat,
    The greige colors will always have an undertone of red because of the beige(red undertones) that make up the color greige. Edgecomb Gray does not always show red- just in certain lights, usually low lights.
    Maybe try looking at a beige with a green undertone, such as Grant Beige which I wrote about recently.

    • For folks who want to better understand subtle “shades of gray”, I love this website:
      Edgecomb Gray is made up of:
      red: 80.549%, yellow: 85.4902%, blue: 77.2549%
      hue: 43 (42.8571), saturation: 10 (9.633), lightness: 85 (85.4902)

  8. Which colour would you use if you wanted to paint a column in the living/dining room if Edgecomb gray is on the walls (to give it some contrast/depth?) There will be LOTS of natural sunlight.

      • Thanks for the response!
        I was told that by adding a contrasting colour of sorts (something darker) it would add some depth to the room?

        The Living/Dining Room is combined and measures 18 ft ,3 in x 12 ft ,6 in

      • Hi Kelly- it would be to add some depth/contrast perhaps. My friend had made the suggestion.

        It’s a combined Living/Dining area and measures
        18 ft ,3 in x 12 ft ,6 in

  9. This color is throughout my home. I am confused as to which to incorporate more… a grey or a tan? My furniture is in the tan/beige family. I chose drapes to match that color scheme. However, When I put the drapes up, I feel as though I should have went with more of a grey hue. Please help!

    • It sounds like you have enough gray and tan Stephanie. Why don’t you try bringing in a medium to dark blue or gray color? Maybe something with a print for your window treatments and then bring in a couple pillows in the same color.

  10. I used edgecomb gray in my bedroom with dark blue/white toile bedspread and goldish swag on drape rods. Breathtaking.

  11. What trim goes best with Edgecomb Gray? I’m considering Decorators White and Simply White. I want the trim to look REALLY white.

    • Hi Tiff,
      The whitest white you can use would be Ben Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65. If you want to use one of the two whites you mentioned, Simply White is the cleaner and whiter of the two.

  12. I painted a sample of the Edgecomb in my back room and it looks really light in color but the adjoining hallway looks dark and a like a completely different color. The back room does have big bay windows and faces south. I’m struggling to select a color that actually shows as a color in the back room but doesn’t look too dark in the hallway. Any suggestions? I’m officially 8 samples purchased into this project haha.

    • Yes Amber, the Edgecomb has a tendency for turning much darker in the darker hallways. Have you looked at Manchester Tan? Not alot of color but will work well in hallway. Can you use a different color in the back room separate from the hall?

  13. I plan to use Edgecomb Gray in my entrance way and hallway. I am replacing the carpet on my stairs at the same time. What carpet colours would be best to compliment the walls. The entire stair will be covered. I have a dark maple handrail with metal ballisters.
    Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

    • Hi Margaret, As far as carpet color, try and stay away from pinkish tones of neutrals and also anything that looks to yellow. A pinkish carpet will make the Edgecomb walls look very pinky. If you want to send me a couple samples you are looking at, please feel free to email them to me and maybe I can help.

  14. Hi, I am going to paint my foyer and my open plan but small, dining room-kitchen-living room all edge comb gray. I have orangey oak floors and traditional brown furniture with pops of gold accents. I switch out all the pillows to orange/pink/blues in the summer and maroons/winter cream in the winter. Will the color work ?
    Also I have a basement leading down from one end which has no natural light, what wall color will be complimentary to edge comb but still work in the basement. ?

    • Hi Preeti,
      I would test the Edgecomb Gray on a large poster board with your flooring with the orangey oak floors to be sure the undertones of the two do not clash. The very best way to test a color to be sure it will work in your home. Extra work to buy sample jar and paint poster board, but well worth the time and money to be sure you get the right color. Good luck!

  15. I have a very traditional living room/dining room with an olive (somewhat neutral) sofa and chair, lots of burgundy and gold along with the green, dark wood piano and dining table and china cabinet. The walls have been a warm Tuscan, almost adobe color, and I also have a deep burgundy accent wall in the entryway. I’ve been wanting to lighten up the walls (and use only one color throughout the entire downstairs, entryway, stairway, and upstairs hallway. I want to replace my burgundy drapes with white shutters and replace the tan carpet with a dark wood floor and a light area rug. We think we’ve chosen Edgecomb Gray; however, I’m concerned it might be too cool for what I already have. I’ve read it’s a good backdrop color that looks good with everything. While I’d love to get all new furniture, I can’t right now, so I’m sort of stuck with the dark wood furniture, olive sofa and chair, and other chair with green, burgundy, and a warm brownish color. Do you recommend Edgecomb Gray in this situation?

    • Hi Kelly,
      I think the Edgecomb Gray with work well because it is a warm color. Are you able to send a picture to my email? [email protected]. Be sure to paint a large poster board with the color and see if you like the color both daytime and night with lighting. Move it all around room and see how it works with all of your furnishings. Hope this helps!

  16. Selecting a paint color, for me, is worse than trying on jeans and bathing suits. I came across Edgecomb Gray only because it was right next to Revere Pewter which, until this morning, I was targeting for a bedroom project. I’m in my condo for 2.5 years and need to ‘make it mine.’ The bedroom furniture is a creamy white,carpeting is chocolate brown, one large picture window and one standard window. Doors and molding will remain white as will the ceiling. I want something to make this room (and my entire condo) more ‘today.’ Right now most rooms are tan leaning towards peach/pink and I’m not a ‘pink’ person. I’m testing the Edgecomb and Revere in different parts of the bedroom and the Revere appears too dark. Can you give me any words of wisdom that will help me take the plunge and bring this bedroom out of ‘little girl peach’ into sophisticated? Is Edgecomb Gray the answer? Many thanks!!!

    • Sounds like an important decision Helene, and I would not want to give you any wrong advise without seeing photos. I do a lot of online color/decorating consults and I would love to help you. If you would like to work together, send me an email at [email protected] and I will explain how the easy process works. Thanks for writing!

  17. I bought a sample pot of Edgecomb Gray and I can’t even bear to put a swatch on the wall! The colour on the top of the can looks completely pink with no hints of gray at all. I’m so disappointed! My Stonington Gray (which I have in many rooms) looks like a baby blue in my room. I’m not sure what to do.

  18. I have very light beigey walls with white trim and very yellow golden oak floors. I have dark Brown leather couches. The room is very pale and cold. Do you think Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Grey would do the trick and blend everything. Make the room a little softer or would the undertones in the paint clash with the yellow tones in the floor?

  19. Hi Kelly,
    Can you recommend a white paint for kitchen cabinets that would go well with edgecomb grey walls? I love the color. I haven’t had any experience with a pink tint in the color.

    • Hi Susan!

      You did not mention your trim color which is what I would normally suggest painting the cabinets. I think Ben Moore White Dove would be my choice working with the Edgecomb gray.

  20. Kelly, I’m also wondering about a quartz or marble countertop that would go well with edgecomb grey and white cabinets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  21. I painted my living room Edgecomb Gray last year. This year I started painting the same color in my kitchen but it looked less gray, more tan. When I compared this year’s paint can with last year’s, I noticed the numbers in the formula for Y3 last year was 0x 22.5000 & this year’s is Ox 27.5000, the numbers for S1, W1, and R1 are different as well. I’m no paint expert, but has the formula changed or did the paint store make a mistake? Thanks for your help!!!

      • Did you find out if the formula has changed? I’m about to paint with Edgecomb gray and need to know if it will be different from pictures I have seen of it or the color swatches I have. Thank you for your help.

          • I went to BM yesterday and yes, they did change the formula several years ago. She didn’t really have an answer why… Only said that their “artists” always try to improve the colors. If you bring in the old can with the old formula on it , they can make you a gallon of that again. Also, The stickers on the can indicate (in tiny print) if a paint has been updated. Good luck!
            Picked up a sample of EG. It’s very milky in color. Not as warm as the pictures. Not sure what I’ll do now. Sigh

          • So weird to change! If you bought the sample, I would mix really well and try to paint on poster board with two coats. Maybe it was the lighting that it looked milky. Try that poster board. If it doesn’t work, there are many other colors to choose from. Hope this helps.

  22. I am considering putting edgecomb grey in the common areas of my house. Can you tell me what fabricS you used on sofa and for window panels that look good against that color? I like the neutrals you chose in both living rooms above.

  23. Hi Kelly. I’m going to remodeling basement,I want to use Edgecomb gray for the walls. What ceiling and trim color would you suggest?My floor is Lewisburg oak. I like warm color and I want to my basement look more brighter. Would you suggest Edgecomb Gray for basement wall?
    Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply!

  24. Thinking of using Edgecomb Gray for my house, but had read reviews where it lends to pink undertones. Have you seen this occur?

  25. I agree with you completely, Edgecomb Gray is a beautiful balance of beige and gray. My trim is BM Cloud White with Cloud White walls and I want a change. Could my Cloud White trim handle Edgecomb Gray in your opinion?

    • I would ask the paint store to lighten Edgecomb Gray by 50% and use that for ceiling. Or, if your room is small, your can always carry the same color on walls and ceilings. Makes the space seem larger.
      Hope this helps!

      • I’m considering Edgecomb Gray for walls and BM Harwood Putty for cabinets and trim. My Mom suggested I use Edgecomb at 50% for the ceilings. I thought that was weird. Now you have the same advice for the ceilings! Can you explain the reasoning or effect it will create? Thank you.

        • Hi Molly,
          Instead of the plain white ceilings, that can sometimes look like a sheet thrown on the top of room, I like to suggest putting color on ceilings. The 50% of the main wall color, Edgecomb, will help soften the look between the walls and ceiling. I also like to use darker colors for ceilings just for added interest to room. Hope this helps explain the why. Thanks for writing!

  26. Hi, I so appreciate reading all of the posts! I am looking at Edgecomb for a small open concept area and hallway. I painted one wall (across from east window and closer to the south end of the house) and it is taking on an orange flesh tone. We have north, south and east windows, smaller open concept. Do you think there is some way this could be adjusted at the paint store? I have tried many, many colours and this one looks the most promising but the orange coming through part of the day not ideal. We tried fog mist and saw the same undertone. Thank you, I would appreciate any advice, if anyone solved this!

    • Hi, I just had my bedroom painted in Edgecomb today and it’s coming across pink as well (this is the actual BM paint, not a match). I’m kind of devastated since this is the first time I’ve taken the leap to choose a paint color myself (plus I paid someone to do it). From everything I’ve been feverishly reading today, it’s supposed to be a green-gray, but that’s not what’s happening for me. My room doesn’t get much direct sunlight, but it’s worse with more natural light than less (when I open my shutters, it gets much pinker).

      I kind of want to go buy a gallon of SW Morris Room Grey and go back to what it looked like before. I love Morris Room Grey – it’s throughout my house – but I just wanted something lighter in my bedroom. I’m going to put my furniture in it and hopefully things will look a bit better, but for now I’m really disappointed. I would love it if my bedroom looked like ANY of the rooms I’ve seen in pictures online.

      • So sorry Angie. Did you sample the color on posterboard before you painted? I have seen Edgecomb turn pink before. Maybe try to bring in another bold color, such as navy to take attention away from walls? Such as artwork and bedding. Hope this helps!

  27. I’ve been reading all the comments on Edgecomb Gray and getting nervous about turning pick. Would the problem be the same with Revere Pewter. I would be using this color for the bedroom with a light beigey gray carpet.

    • Hi Susan,
      I wouldn’t worry about Revere turning pink. If you have a lot of light in the bedroom, it will look more gray. If not alot of light, Revere looks more beigey. Hard to tell without photos and your carpet, but if you take sample of Revere and place next to carpet and see any pink in carpet or wall color, then I would not use. Hope this helps!

  28. Hi! Would you happen to know if my hallway is painted BM shaker beige that leads to my kitchen which I would like to paint edgecomb gray, would that work together? Thank you!!!

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