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September 22, 2016

A reader wrote the other day asking if I liked the combination of oak cabinets with soft gray/blue walls. I think this is what she means:

grayish blue


I have previously stated that I do not care for light colored walls with the oak here. It is too much contrast for me. Not that it is a wrong color, it just would not be my choice of wall color to work with oak cabinets.

I feel the same about the soft grayish blues, it shows too much contrast.  Meaning, the light color on the wall will stand out too much and so will the yellow toned cabinets:

blue gray


Especially when using blue, which sits almost directly across from yellow on the color wheel, which means high contrast between the two:



But again, it is not a wrong color to choose if you sampled the color correctly and you like the look. Nothing wrong with that at all! I see photos online of the light gray blue kitchen walls with the honey oak cabinets and a lot of people seem to like the combination:

blue and oak2


This is all just my opinion.  I have been asked this same question a few times so I thought I would answer honestly. There is no scientific or expert color knowledge about it. To answer the question, no I do not like the combination of oak cabinets with light gray blue walls. But that does not mean it is a wrong color to use. The beauty is in the eye of the homeowner.  If you like it, that is all that matters!


  1. I agee too! The kitchen IMHO would be stunning with white or gray cabinets! Of course if the homeowner is happy that is all that matters.

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