Do I Really Need a Dining Room?

September 15, 2018

Are dining rooms really necessary today? If you have a large family and love to have big dinner parties, I would say yes. But for us, Holidays are the only time we use the dining room.  We are always in the kitchen. The reason I am questioning this now is because of our new home. Here is how the previous owners had the room set up:

old dining room

But, I am thinking what a waste the room will be if it is only used once or twice a year.  Here is the room now, (remember we only moved a week ago haha):

new dining room

new dining room2

new dining room3

The fireplace is in the middle of room, so if we kept as a dining room, the table would have to go in the middle of room to make the space look cohesive. Here are a few dining rooms that have a fireplace:

dining room fireplace

viadining fireplace


dining fireplace2


They can be beautiful. I could turn the room into a library:

dining library


dining room library


We also have a pool table we are not sure where to put in the new house. How about turning the dining room into an entertainment room?:

dining billards


dining game room


We already have a bar area in the living room, so a bar would not be an idea. One idea I am thinking of is a pretty sitting room:

sitting room


dining room into itting room


I don’t even know why I am thinking of the dining room! So many other rooms to get settled first. I do know that I want it painted. This house has a mix of white and stained trim which I will  write a post about soon.  Any other dining room ideas I have not thought of?

PS What do you think of Sherwin Williams color of the year, Cavern Clay SW 7701? :




I like the color for a Fall accent piece, pillows, throws, etc. but not loving as a wall color. Although, this would look really nice as a kitchen color with oak cabinets. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly  xo


  1. Absolutely YES to a dining room. For me it’s a necessity and a luxury. Growing up we had dining rooms that were always used. In one home we didn’t one and we were sorry; always setting up table and chairs in the living room, so crowded. My grandchildren, ages 9 and 12, ask to eat in the dining room. When I have house guests they use dining room table for board games or computer/homework use; we don’t have to constantly free-up the kitchen table. Besides, I come from a generation where we used fine china and crystal, and linen. I love to do seasonal decorations on my table. A dining room works, and works for me ?

  2. Have you considered which direction the room is facing? Would that effect your decision? I am personally inclined to agree with Sandy, and think a library/sitting room would be lovely:)

  3. I also like the idea of a library/sitting room and maybe a game room if you are into table games. Think the room is too narrow for the pool table. Agree with Angela – definitely check the direction which the room faces for wall color choice – all those windows are great but but if they bring in northern light, for example, your chosen wall color could have a total different effect than if they are facing south. As far as doing that area first, if you do make it a library/sitting room, it will be a great place to relax with a cup of tea, invite inspiration and ponder your next decisions. Have fun!

  4. I’m faced with the same decision. The house we downsized to as a diningroom with one opening and I get that closed in feeling. My family dines formally only on holidays switching off to other relatives homes. I’m thinking of opening this room up and have a long kitchen table and cover it when we do crafts and baking projects with grandchildren. I’m looking for more memories less formal areas.

  5. Kelly, I think the table that’s over in the corner works well there. You have the opportunity to divide the room into several different nooks and uses. Arrange a seating area in front of the fireplace with the back of the sofa to the table, facing the other one or wing chairs, with a coffee table between them. Fireplace on one end and windows on the other. The room is narrow and long and that’s always a challenge but done right can look amazing! You could still have bookshelves on each side of the fireplace. As for that color…ask yourself what season are you? Usually it’s your birth season. Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? That color looks like Thanksgiving all year! Mute it down with white for a more neutral shade.

  6. That color is great if you are an avid University of Texas fan. I’ve had too much of that color in my life already! I don’t want to go back to that.

  7. IMHO, the SW Cavern Clay color is just dreadful unless you want to rubber-band back to the Southwest 80’s decorating trend. A sitting room/library could look lovely while combining two purposes. It could provide an entertaining space separate from your living room where the gals can break away from the guys to gather and chit chat, or, present a cozy spot to pull a book down and plop yourself on cushy seating in front of a fire. ?

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