Another Home Project Completed

April 7, 2018

So nice to be able to say that, isn’t it? I love finishing up projects, especially ones that were on the list forever.  My husband Mike was involved, so it might have taken just a little bit longer to be completed. His project priorities are not always the same as mine!

new black wall

The magic of paint! My previous red wall, Ben Moore Raisin Torque 2083-10, was a great color for awhile, but I have wanted to update for at least six years now. I wanted something different and unique.

red wall2

We had the custom cabinet made about ten years ago and still love it. It used to be an empty alcove when we bought house. See the previous yellow walls? They were painted Ben Moore Honeymoon from the Affinity collection.

red wall

I thought with the black TV,  black walls would work perfectly:

new painted wall

I like the way the speakers are not as obvious as they were before. It has always been a hard area to decorate with the TV in the way. Using branches of the Season has worked well:

new wall

new close

Next project is painting the hand railing above the TV area black. See how well the black would work with the picture frame and sconces?:

new upstairs


Sigh… Another project for another day.

I also bought a few forsythia branches. I used them as a centerpiece on my dining room table:

dining room centerpiece


Branches are great accessories this time of year! Branches bring a little Spring indoors and make a very bold statement piece.

room centerpiece

If you would like to see more photos of Spring branches used for decorating, read here, here and here.

Have you finished any long time projects recently?

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Wonderful idea for the TV wall — is it black or dark gray? The branches of spring bloom are a lovely addition. Great idea!

  2. Wow! What a difference. All the wood pops now. I love black behind the tv because it gives you that theater experience. Everything just disappears when your watching. Can’t wait to see it with the painted railings.

    • Thanks Nicole! I love how the wood pops too. That’s what I thought with the black theater and that is why I am having a hard time decorating. Don’t want to bring in anything flashy or too colorful.

  3. Kelly, your project turned out great! The dark wall looks so chic and downplays the tv and speakers. You will love the dark handrail/newel posts, too!

    xo, Kristie

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