Decorating With Forsythia

April 18, 2013


Spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast! I kept pulling over to the side of the road today to take a few pictures while I was out running errands:



So exciting to finally see some spring flowers start to bloom. I ended up here (neighbor’s) to cut some of my own branches to bring home:


One of the reasons I love forsythia is because it seems to announce in high definition that Spring is here. Another reason is because it is so easy to work with and create arrangements:



So simple and beautiful. I thought I would share some of my ideas to encourage you to run out and cut some branches! First I made something very simple:


Then I added a pop of color with a few purple irises that I had left over from another arrangement:


Next I decided to try a white vase:


Doesn’t forsythia look so pretty in small vases also?:


Do you know how beautiful that picture above would be if taken by a professional photographer? I wish I was a professional photographer.

I thought this branch was interesting:


Then I was down to my last couple of branches and decided to make a smaller arrangement:



Which looked a little boring so I snuck in some faux flowers:



Doesn’t it look like I had so much fun? I hope that I have inspired you to bring in some happy flowers! Do you like decorating with flowers? Tulips are coming! And my favorite- peonies. So simple and beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Oh how lovely! We still have tons of snow from that last storm. But I’m hoping to see the ground again soon 🙂

    I especially love your arrangement in the white pretty!

    I’m thinking of bustin’ up some lawn. Maybe a forsythia bush is the ticket!

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