A Passion for Blue and White & Need Help Searching for a Lamp

September 13, 2016

Looking for a simple but gorgeous centerpiece for any table? Maybe you will also love my passion for using blue and white chinoiserie jars with flowers:



chin pink


Gorgeous, aren’t they? I am just crazy for this look:



Using small jars in different patterns on the table and adding greenery or pretty blooms is an easy way to beautifully style your table.

chin and pink


The blue and white with floral works well for any season:

chin spring


chinoiserie spring


chin and blue


chin and white




Pink Pagoda Blue and White 628px


I love that all flower colors look amazing with the blue and white:



But my favorite, if you couldn’t tell, is pink and raspberry:



So beautiful! Here is my little collection:


ginger close

I also love to use them in a table setting with a blue and white tablecloth. Gorgeous! Do you have a collection of the blue and white? Don’t you think they are classic and beautiful?

I need your help everyone! I am looking for this lamp shown below for a reader who needs the matching one. It is the white bubble lamp on the right top shelf:

home lights

She bought at Home Goods in NC and when she read my blog here, she asked if I could get her the match. I went back to the store but it was gone! I was so disappointed for her. So… if you see this lamp at your Home Goods, could you please grab it and write me? Of course she will pay for lamp and all shipping! That would be so great!

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Love blue and white! Especially with the pink accents. I will also be on the lookout for the bubble lamp- never met a HomeGoods I didn’t like-lol!

  2. I have recently started collecting the blue and white chinoiserie jars, and Home Goods has been my main source. I did enjoy seeing the various uses you posted here.

  3. Alas, we have no Home Goods in our town. But what a gorgeous lamp! Hope someone can help find its mate 🙂

    Beautiful post as always Kelly. Sharing it with someone I gave a blue chinoiserie jar to.

  4. Nothing like a blue and white centerpiece especially when it has gorgeous flowers. Hope you find the lamp – no Home Goods in my town…Happy Wednesday!

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