Week Two in the New Home

December 14, 2019

I can’t believe that of all the items I am having trouble finding for our new home, it is a new shower curtain for the guest bath. Guests are coming next week!  I am a pretty good accessory shopper but I can not seem to find the right one. I have been shopping local and online.  A friend commented on this photo I posted earlier in the month using two shower curtains:

shower curtain


I really like the look and I thought it was a great idea until I looked at my shower wall. I think the purpose of the open curtains is to have something pretty to look at such as a window:



Unfortunately, I do not have something pretty to view in my guest bath:

guest shower

I DO have a curved shower rod which I never even thought about before. Did you know a curved shower curtain rod will provide up to 33% more room in the shower?  They say that it helps keep the wet, sticky shower curtain further away from your body so it doesn’t “attack” you like it does in closer quarters!We will see.

curved shower rod


This is a top contender:

Shower Curtain chana


Navy and white of course. My favorite.

Another accessory I am struggling with is my folding screen:


I love it but not sure what to do with it. I think it is so beautiful and would like to use in a corner somewhere. 

I have too many accessories. My new mantra is “Downsizing is Extremely Hard Work.” Because I have to get rid of a lot of my stuff.

I wanted to show you the outside view of our new entry window. Here is the inside:

And here it is how it looks outside:

outside entry

I can’t wait to plan ideas how to decorate!

The other side of the entry when you walk in has this beautiful display the previous owner’s left for us:

entry display

entry closeup

Isn’t it pretty? I would like to talk to them and ask if they made it or had someone make for them. The pages have writing and looks like they were from a book. Interesting!

I have made a couple little vignettes around the house:

bath vig


And even a little Christmas decorating:


Have a wonderful, festive week everyone! Wishing you a holiday season filled with peace & love.

Kelly  xo


  1. Happy Holidays to you– (love the blue and white shower curtain!)
    All the best on your downsizing. I’ve found it hard to get rid of our things without agonizing about whether they’ll be taken care of. I’ve donated lots and lots, and sold a lot too, but still have family pieces I don’t have room for now and want to go to “good homes”

  2. Downsizing is on my list too. Hard to find ‘time’ to do it.
    I have to admit, I’m not a fan of your lavender flowers in the upper entry windows. Looks like funeral home (IMO).
    But all your other faux or real (I can’t tell the difference) flowers & greenery look great. Will you share where you have the best luck finding faux plants, succulents, flowers?

    • Robyn,

      LMAO!! Does everyone think I put those purple flowers up there?? haha No, those were there when we bought home. I haven’t had chance to change out yet. Just wanted to show window! OMG. haha As far as other faux flowers, let me think a little and I will post a couple ideas. Thanks for writing!

  3. Kelly, the first step is to change your mantra. The purpose of a mantra is to help you move toward a positive, a goal, a desire. Downsizing IS hard work but repeating that thought over and over only makes it harder. Something as simple as “Downsizing is easier today than it was yesterday” can move you in the right direction without any time wasted in evaluation and judgment.

    I love the double curtains in the bathroom. But I have the same problem of no window. I’m looking for a faux window I like, framing it (lightweight poster frame) and hanging it in the center, and hanging an attractive towel or small rug of mat on the low rack. These would need to be removed when you have visiting guests of course, but it could be lovely the rest of the time.

    Love your navy and white shower curtain (get two of them).,

  4. That idea sounds really nice Sandyc with the window. Post photos so I can see how yours came out. Right now I have to get one to hide. I know it’s not so bad downsizing- just joking and venting! I just feel bad about getting rid of some of my stuff! 🙂

  5. I moved to Colorado 2.5 years ago from the home we raised our kids in in Minnesota, where my parents left this earth and I got nearly everything, and where my kids left many bins of memories, as well as my own, and my husbands. I thought 🙂 I donated, sold, gave about 1/2 of everything and am finding I am still looking for homes for treasured things. That includes 6 bins of beautiful, mostly new Christmas items. And furniture. It feels good to find new homes for things. It does take time and energy and I’m moving through it slowly. It helps when the spirit strikes!

    And then the new home :). It’s a process…sometimes a long one.
    Enjoy it Kelly!

  6. Kelly, everything looks inspiring even if the previous owner did it, I can see how authentic and beautiful that home must’ve looked for you to call it yours. I’ve made one of those wreaths from an old Webster dictionary but it became so wonky I had difficulty finding a great support piece. I see the curved board they were able to use but what is it? The vignettes are lovely as always. I want to encourage you to find a shower curtain with more color and depth for your guests as in that one picture where I didn’t even notice the window until you pointed it out.

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