Trending- White Exteriors and Review of White Undertones

April 14, 2018

Yes, grays and taupe are still very popular. But this year I have noticed that white is HUGE in exterior color favorites:

white exterior


white tradional


It could be because of the growing popularity of interior whites that white is making way to the exterior walls :





Another reason white is becoming more popular is because more homeowner’s are seeking that ‘farmhouse’ look:

white farmhouse


white farmhouse2


I noticed an upswing on white exteriors in 2107. And they are just growing in popularity this year.

I also think the reason that white is becoming popular is that quite a few homeowner’s are tired of their red brick and painting it white:

white brick


white brick2


An all- white home has a classic feeling and striking look.  I think they are so beautiful when done right.

white back exterior


white tradional farmhouse


Remember when choosing a white for your exterior, undertones need to be addressed as well as the fixed elements of your home, (such as stone and brick):

white with stone


Here is a quick review of white undertones to be considered when choosing an exterior white:

Whites with Blue/Gray Undertones, such as Ben Moore White Diamond OC-61 and Paper White OC-55.  On exteriors, this white will show a light blueish undertone in sunlight and will appear as a ‘cooler’ white.

Whites with Green Undertones, such as Sea Wind OC-139 or Overcast OC-43 will also show the green undertone in bright sunlight.

Whites with Yellow Undertones, such as Ben Moore Navajo White OC-95  or Linen White Int. Rm. will give you a creamy look, not the true, bright white if that is what you were looking for. Yellow whites are always warm.

Whites with red/pink undertones, such as Atrium White Int. RM has a slight pinkish tone. If you are working with exterior stone, a red/pink under-toned white would clash with your stone ( stone has green undertones).

Neutral Whites, such as White Dove OC-17, Cloud White OC-and a little brighter neutral white is Simply White OC-117.

TIP- To find the undertone of a white paint color, COMPARE it with Ben Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65, which is a clean white and you will be able to see the undertone color right away.

White exteriors are timeless and classic but if you select the wrong shade of white, it could be a costly error. Always be sure to sample on poster board, day and night, to make sure you love the color in the sunlight, shade and nighttime.

Are you looking to paint your exterior this year? Would you consider white?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xoxo


  1. Lovely in photos, but I’ll bet in real life they’d be hard to keep looking that good (I’m thinking red Georgia clay and splashing) oh, and pollen season here would guarantee yellow-white!

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