Trending for Fall- Red Orange

July 31, 2017

This bold color is everywhere! From the runway:

orange dress


orange fashion


And you know when a color is so prominent in the fashion industry, we are right behind in interior design:

orange chair




orange rug


orange tile


When I stopped over my friend’s home I was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty her newly painted front door looked with her gray siding:

mel door

Such an energetic, warm and vibrant color with many names such as flame, spice, tangerine, pumpkin, bittersweet, rust, coral, cinnamon, terra cotta, mangos and paprika to name just a few.

orange room


Another reason I love this red- orange color is because it works so well with other colors.

Gray Blues:

orange and gray blues


Green Blues:

orange and blue green


Navy Blues:

orange and navy


Look how beautiful this room my friend Linda Holt designed using gray and orange:

orange linda room


Orange and green:

orange and green


And of course browns:

orange and brown


I know it is a strong color that people either love it or hate it. I have always been a lover of orange for it’s energetic and happy look. What do you think about the color orange? Lover or hater? Did any of these room photos change your mind?

orange library



  1. In design I think it goes with mid-century, don’t you? In clothing – 1967. I am so old that I remember my orange mini-dresses that year. *blushing* I had a pair of orange sandals that I wore with them. That scary eye make-up was popular then too.
    So, furniture yes, front door yes, but for me, no more orange dresses in this lifetime.

  2. But wait! I still have a woven rag rug that was made from a bright orange bedspread I had. We recycled then too. It looks quite jazzy now in my laundry room, so, I’m back in style.

  3. I’ve tried every shade of orange and orange-red there is for my living room. I love the color every since seeing the color of red oak leaves on our tree in the backyard in the fall. Besides, I’m an October born. I have settled on red-orange.

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