The Only Five Trim Whites Paints You Need to Know

April 1, 2019

Are you someone who has  just as much trouble selecting a trim color as you do the main wall color? Over the years of color consulting, I have found  that 95% of the time, I use the same few whites for trim again and again. I have worked with these Benjamin Moore trim colors so I know they work well and I trust them.

Here are my five favorite Ben Moore go- to trim colors that you will ever need to know:

White Dove OC -17

I love White Dove because it works so well with many paint colors. An off-white , not a bright white,  I think it as a creamy warm color.  White Dove works best with the popular greige paint colors such as Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray:

revere pewter and white dove


white dove trim


I also love White Dove for cabinets:

white dove


Simply White OC-117

A clean, crisp white that is one of my go to top trim colors. Simply White looks great in every light and pairs well with dark wood and white trim. With no obvious undertones, it is a fresh and clean color and at the same time warm. I like to use for trim with clean, crisp wall colors such as  Stonington Gray, Quiet Moments and other fresh colors. Here is White Dove on the walls with Simply white as the trim:

simply white trim


simply white


Simply White Cabinets:



Pure White OC-64

With it’s blue undertones, it is always a great color match with Carrara marble. I learned this invaluable lesson from my teacher and friend, Maria Killam .  Because of it’s  blue-gray undertones in the stone, it works perfect every time!

cararra marble


Pure White Ceiling:

pure white ceiling


Cloud White OC-130

This trim color has been a long time favorite of mine, which I wrote about here. Cloud White is a touch brighter than White Dove, a great non-yellow white, but still warm. Here is is paired with Manchester Tan which looks beautiful:Man tan and Cloud White


cloud white


Decorators White- Int. Rm.

If you are wanting cooler walls that will relate to the blue indigos and gray or you have cool, blue-gray undertones in your hard surfaces you may want to use a blue-gray white. These whites will read crisp and clean. Decorator’s White is a cool white with a very slight gray undertone that will instantly lighten up a space via the trim, interior doors and cabinetry and it compliments every wall color.  A great neutral white that is fresh and helps to make a space light and airy:

decorators white


walls decorator white


Tip- White trim looks best when it’s a subtle crisp white contrast to the wall color but not so crisp and bright of a white that is a bright jarring white.

TIP- To find the undertone of a white paint color, COMPARE it with Ben Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65, which is a clean white and you will be able to see the undertone color right away, either the blue,  yellow or gray undertone of another white.

Tip- Remember that an off white trim color such as White Dove, works best with off white wall colors such as beiges. A brighter trim white such as Simply White goes best with the cleaner, crisper wall colors.

five favorite whitesWhite Dove OC-17       Simply White OC-117            Pure White OC-64       Cloud White OC-130       Decorators White Int.Rm.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Kelly!
    After reading your post I am going to use pure white OC64 for my kitchen cabinets. We are doing a white with gray vein quartz which resembles Carrera marble. Can you recommend a wall color that will go nicely with the pure white cabinets? We want to keep things light and bright but would like to have a bit of contrast. I am assuming I would do the trim , doors and ceiling the same pure white as cabinets. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Jules,
      To keep it light and bright, take a look at Ben Moore Gray Owl OC-52. Slight green blue color.Be sure to sample test fist before you paint to be sure you love.
      Yes, have trim, doors and ceiling also Pure White. All in semi gloss finish except ceiling- flat is usually best.
      Good luck with your project!

  2. Hi Kelly!
    I am wanting to paint my laundry room, it is builder beige with a white and beige tile on the floor. I have white appliances. I am totally confused about a color, something put over the flat paint on the walls. I do have a small window for a little light, but it is a very small space. I want to put of shelves, not sure if I should hang white or wood….and I want a fun accent color. Any ideas are helpful. Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi! Struggling to figure out a trim color for the exterior of my brick, very traditional home. It’s currently a golden yellow and is in desperate need of a freshening up! I do not want stark white. I’ve also heard I should match my trim color to my brick mortar – that’s a light gray color. I know it’s hard to tell without seeing, but any recommendations? We’ve tried a sample of Opaline and it’s too white. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Jamie,
      I wish I could help but I need photos and questions to give you the best colors for your home. If you would like to work together, send me an email with a brief description and photos of your home. I have an online color consultation service and the flat rate for all exterior colors is $180.00. Let me know! Thanks for writing.

  4. Hi! Our entire house trim paint is BM Regal Select White 551-01 straight from the can. The kitchen/living area walls are Revere Pewter. We are having cabinets refinished and I’m unsure whether to use BM White OC-151 since it’s supposedly the closest match to the trim paint or use something with slightly more warmth since it’s a huge surface area. My concerns are the White being too stark vs a warmer white looking dingy in comparison. Any thoughts would be SO appreciated!! Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Not sure I understand the question. I don’t know if there is a OC-151. I usually suggest painting cabinets same as trim color in a semi gloss finish, same as trim. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi, I’m looking for a white Benjamin Moore paint for my kitchen cabinets. I have open concept layout but find the kitchen area to be darker in natural light. I’m looking for the purest white colour. I currently have off white cabinets and in the daylight it looks very yellow. I also changed my pot lights too a cool white so at night the cabinets look less yellow. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

    • Hi Marianna,
      The cleanest whitest white is Ben Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65. It is the white we use to compare to other whites to see their undertone. Also take a look at BM White Diamond OC-61. A very bight white with slight blue undertones that works well as trim with other whites. Hope this helps. Good luck with your kitchen project!

  6. Hi Kelly – Can White Dove work equally well with Manchester Tan or is Cloud White the better option? How about either of these white trim colors with Wool Skein – which would you lean to? BTW, my ceilings are White Dove. Thanks!

    • Hi Jeri,

      I think White Dove works beautifully with Man Tan and also Wool Skein. I compared the colors on my large sample boards and they work perfect. Especially if your ceiling White Dove. Hope this helps!

  7. I am going to have my maple cabinets sprayed by a professional painter BM simply white. My kitchen faces north and doesn’t get a lot of light. I am keeping my uba tuba granite that looks mostly black. What paint color should I paint my walls? I was leaning towards BM Edgecomb Gray. I have white oak floors that are a medium light color. Would another color on my walls look better? I am going to have my ceiling and trim all in BM simply white, too.

  8. hi Kelly,
    Help! I just moved into an 800 square-foot bungalow. I have painted the whole house including the kitchen, ceilings and trim in BM decorators white. The walls are flat, trim is High gloss. The wood floors are like a deep reddish oak color… The living room faces the north and the dining room has a small window in the south. The woodwork and the doors, and cabinet doors are old and I am very displeased with the decorators white. The living room faces the north and the dining room has a small window in the south. The woodwork and the doors, and cabinet doors are old, not in perfect shape. I feel like the decorators white is pulling blue and making the home feel cold and stark and gloomy. And that it also highlights the imperfections in the old doors and cabinets ..I want to paint the walls but I was thinking it would be great if I could forgo having to redo the trim….I thought maybe Edgecomb Gray at 50 or 75% ? Would that be too light ? Or maybe Revere at 50% But then when I have to change the trim?
    Also I have a medium gray sofa… I am on a tight budget and can’t afford to screw this up again!!

    • Hi Jacquelyn,

      Sorry you are having such trouble! Before you paint, try first moving all of your furniture, area rugs and artwork back into place. Sometimes just filling in the space with color is the solution. I can not give you color suggestions without photos. If you would like to work together, send me an email- [email protected].

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