Reminder Tip for Fixing Those Too Small Area Rugs

November 25, 2017

I feel I just posted about this but I have run across this rug issue at a client’s this past week and wanted to share:

Sometimes because of not measuring correctly or  because of size availability,  we buy the wrong size area rug for our space and it looks too small:

rob rug

This rug is not large enough with the table and chairs as you can see.  All chair legs should be on the rug when pushed back and it also just looks out of proportion in this large space.

So how to fix? If you can not exchange for a larger area rug, I would suggest layering.  As I posted here, layering rugs adds size and texture and is a great solution for those too small area rugs:



I think sisal and other natural rugs work best as an anchor under the patterned area rugs:

natural rug




So if you feel that your area rug is not ‘showing’ as well as it can, try layering a larger woven rug underneath:



Not only will it look like you planned this layered look, you will also bring instant texture and warmth to the room! I encourage you to give it a try. You will be so pleased with the results. This is not a new decorating solution but an important one to remember. I still get asked so I know some of you were wondering what to do. Hope this helps!

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