New Office Build Color Palette Featuring Revere Pewter

March 11, 2017

I am now working with a building contractor on his new office building:

rob officeHe owns a construction company that is rapidly growing so he is building a new structure to handle his expansion. He has given me full control for all design decisions in the building including flooring, wall colors, shelving/storage design, furniture, lighting, etc.

rob outside office area

rob office

His only request was that I incorporate the paint color Ben Moore’s Revere Pewter somewhere in the design:


It seems quite a few of his clients are requesting Revere Pewter for their newly built homes so he wanted to display the paint color for his new potential clients:

revere living room

Since Revere Pewter works well with many colors and I wanted to use a few ‘special’ colors in the side offices, I decided to use the Revere in the main entrance/waiting area. This color will continue into the hallway and secretary/common area since he has changed the original plans making it an open area to the entry area. The fun part for me was selecting paint colors for the conference room, owner’s office and secretary work space.

For the conference room, I choose my favorite color combo to work with Revere Pewter:

revere and navy living room

Revere Pewter, navy blue and white. If you look at the plans above in the first photo, on the right hand 10 ft. wall in the conference room there will be a large full- wall built in bookshelf/cabinet unit painted in White Dove OC-17.  I want to bring in a white with navy patterned fabric for the window treatments similar to the living room photo above. I know it is going to look fabulous!

For the owner’s office, I suggested Ben Moore Dior Gray 2133-40. Such a beautiful color that I know his clients and he will love:

dior gray 2133-40

The bookkeeper stated that she would like her office room painted in a soft gray-blue/green. I know she will be happy with Ben Moore Wickham Gray HC- 171  which also will work well with the Revere.

So now I am waiting for him to let me know that all the colors are perfect and to move ahead:

Collage for Rob


I have also suggested bringing in navy blue chairs for the waiting room to coordinate with the conference room. I am really enjoying this project, (and can’t wait until it’s time for accessories!) and will keep you updated.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! How very exciting for you. Congratulations on such a fun project Kelly! It’ll be fabulous. Can’t wait to see the progress updates. 🙂

  2. I saw your pics of whitewash or paint. A nantucket house near the beach with oak posts and beams in a cathedral ceiling will probably be more acceptable to New Yorkers if it has a less rustic look so I think painting is the way to go. Any thoughts on your part? thank you. Do you work on Nantucket properties?

    • Hi Tom,

      Lucky you having a place in Nantucket!

      I agree with you in regards to painting the interior post and beams white. If they were really old beams with a lot of history, I would probably want to keep the natural wood for the uniqueness. But if that is not an issue, I think painting them white just makes everything so clean and fresh looking.

      Is the ceiling also with the wood design? With everything else painted white, if the ceiling is in good condition, it can give a room a lot of personality.

      Are you able to send me a couple pictures? That would be helpful. Nantucket is about a two hour ride for me, but I can help you online if you would like.

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