Moving Into Our New Home

December 7, 2019

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to write a short post letting you know that I am still around, (missed two weeks of posts) and that we have moved into our new home!

new home

Mike and I are now in a one-story home, half the square footage we have previously lived in. Downsizing is hard, (too many decisions to make about getting rid of stuff) but it is also refreshing and uplifting! For example, an armoire that was in good shape that we have moved six times to homes in the past and have hardly used, is now donated to someone that can use a dresser:

old dresser2

Great feeling. I have not had a chance to decorate much since I just moved in the day before Thanksgiving, but being so close to the Holiday’s, I am going to just do some fun Christmas decorating for now:

Christmas decorating

I am planning to do some painting soon I hope! What do you think about painting these tops of the tray ceiling navy blue?:

dr ceiling

It is the first room you see when you enter the home and thought it would be a great way to jazz it up.

Over the front door entry is an interesting room:


entry window

Hardwood floors and plenty of room to decorate. I wanted to put a few varied Christmas trees with lights up there before Christmas, but that is NOT going to happen this year. 🙂 It will be fun to change out with the seasons.

I definitely have too much furniture right now in our living room:

living room

Another project is finding new 24 “kitchen counter stools that fit our new counter bar:


Can not even get my legs under with these stools!

I do have priorities and made sure my nap area is ready if needed:


One project I did finish today was getting our bed all set up and looking beautiful:

new bedding


I hope you are enjoying getting ready for the Holiday’s. I am so excited, I love Christmas time! Thanks for stopping by!

Kelly xo


  1. I don’t envy you Kelly but I’m sure you’ll have everything the way you want it in no time:) Wishing you many happy years in your new home. BTW, I like navy paint, and think it would be lovely on your dining room ceiling.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Congratulations on moving into your lovely new home. I do so understand about the downsizing! (and I still have a storage bin after 2 years, BUT I am down to one bin — from three, so there has been progress).

  3. Another beautiful space for you to work your magic in! Love the navy on the tray ceiling idea. Downsizing IS hard, but it feels good, too. Happy Christmas in your new home!

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