Inspirational Ideas for Breakfast Nook

June 8, 2019

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to post but have been super busy lately with client color/decorating consultations and planning our new home! We have so many decisions that have to be made, interior and exterior. Everything from interior doors, stone on the outside, pantry room, lighting, facets, tile, countertops, hardwood flooring, appliances, and so much more. Fun and exciting but stressful too!

One of my dream requests for the new house, is that I would love a sunny, bright breakfast area. A place to enjoy sitting in the morning and during the day. So that is what I am working on right now, (although the contractor thinks I am planning where to put light switches! haha



houzz nook


On our house plans,  the breakfast nook area is 13’ x 10’. It is part of the kitchen with windows all around. I haven’t decided for sure if I am putting in a bench along the window:

breakfast nook




Strike that last thought- I would love a bench against the back window!



We decided against having a dining room because it just would not get used very often so why take up the space. We are more kitchen hang-out people.



Here is another great idea- how about wall papering the inside between the windows? How pretty it looks:



This space below is so perfect to me. I think I found my inspiration for my dream breakfast nook:

favorite nook


I have a whole Pinterest board here on kitchen nook ideas if you would like to see more inspirational photos!

Do you have a breakfast nook? Do you love it? If not, why?

Thanks everyone! Until next time. I hope you have a wonderful, sunny weekend!





  1. Lovely! I’m glad to see a post from you, had received 2 or 3 emails with your title that made me think you’d been hacked. It’s a pleasure to see your Sunday AM posts again.

  2. We didn’t put a formal dining room in our home that we built 2 years ago. We have a large dining table in the breakfast nook with an L-shaped banquette that is perfectly fine for even large holiday gatherings. Overflow can always sit at the island. Our floor plan had indicated a dining room that was quite a walk from the kitchen and it didn’t make sense to us – just would have been an unused space. I love your inspiration photos. Each one is gorgeous.

  3. I love it your breakfast nook idea Kelly! The idea of a velvety tufted banquette is for me. If I never get a breakfast nook, I’d love a reading nook. I’m a fabric lover and somehow a seat in a large window with large fluffy pillows is where I’d like my ‘Happy Place’.

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