Updated: Exterior Grays

June 12, 2018

I thought I would update this Exterior Gray post since gray is still a very popular choice to use for exteriors. I have added a few new photos of gray painted exteriors with the their color listed. Enjoy!

One question I am asked often is if I have any good recommendations for an exterior gray paint color:

via     Ben Moore Copley Gray HC-104

amherst gray1

via     Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray HC-167

Gray for exteriors is very popular right now. And for good reason- gray is a classic color that works with any exterior color scheme and combination. I think gray works best with white trim or a lighter version of the color.

If you are trying to decide which gray to paint, a good way to start would be to decide which gray undertone do you think will work best with your exterior.

Grays with blue undertones:

stonington gray

via       Stonington Gray HC-170


via    Ben Moore Storm AF-700 (yes, undertones are blue!)

smoke embers

via   Ben Moore Smoke Embers AC-28

* Remember that if you want blue exterior walls, you have to pick a blue-gray color to prevent it from looking like a baby blue.

Grays with green undertones:

via             Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray SW 7045, and the trim color is Sherwin Williams Pearly White SW7009.

Nantucket Gray

via   Nantucket Gray HC-111

Same color as above- Nantucket Gray HC-111:

nantucket gray2

via    Nantucket Gray HC-111

Lighting makes such a huge difference- be sure to sample day and night!

sag harbor gray

via   Sag Harbor Gray

Ben Moore Stone Gray 2112-40


edgecomb gray2

via   Edgecomb Gray HC-173

sandy hook gray

via     Sandy Hook Gray HC-108

Ben Moore Seagull Gray (stain) Trim- Cloud White


Charcoal grays are beautiful with white trim:

amherst gray

via  Ben Moore Amherst Gray HC-167

via     Westcott Navy – BM 1624  Trim: BM Decorators White

charcoal gray

via  Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166, Trim:Pure White OC-64

Ben Moore Chelsea Gray during the day in sunlight:

chelsea gray1

via  Chelsea Gray HC-168

And here not in direct sunlight:

chelsea gray2

via    Ben Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168

Please don’t forget to sample the color day and night! If you need help choosing your exterior paint colors, contact me today.


  1. Hi Kelly,

    We currently have three colors on our flat roof house: trim, main siding and shingle accents that run from the roof to the ground in several areas (no other rock/brick features, just a lot of trees!) We like Amherst gray for the body and white dove trim. Do you have any good suggestions for the shingle color? We were thinking something slightly darker than Amherst, but not something that will look too black. Since the shingles run from top to bottom, they can appear like stripes if they contrast too much with the body color, in my opinion. Any help you have is very much appreciated!!

    • Hi Briana,

      Sounds like an important decision and I would not want to give you any wrong advise without seeing photos and getting more facts. I do a lot of online color/decorating consults and I would love to help you. If you would like to work together, send me an email at [email protected] and I will explain how the easy process works. Thanks for writing!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    We have chosen to paint Sandy Hook gray on the siding and garage doors of our house. The shutters and front door will be Hale Navy. The roof is black. Which white do you like for the trim? I was thinking of Simply White but after reading your other comments here, do you think there is a better choice? And,…what do you think of the scheme?

    • I think it is a beautiful color scheme Miriam! Hale Navy will make a great front door color. My opinion- Simply White might be too white and stark. I would suggest a softer white such as White Dove with the Sandy Hook. Good luck!

  3. Hi Kelly- we are thinking of doing the exterior of our house in smoke embers. I wanted to check if you think that generally looks like a pure light grey and then for a trim would you suggest white dove or something more pure? Finally, if our garage door and shutters and black would it look weird to paint front door another color? Red or blue or even a green? Thanks !!

    • Smoke Embers is a great neutral gray Margaret. I would use White Dove for the trim. Yes, you can use a different fun color on the door if shutters and garage is black. Good luck!

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I know this has been a long conversation! I appreciate your assessment of grays. I am choosing a gray for the exterior of my house and garage. I am deciding between Harbor Gray BM AC25 and the Stoington Gray you show above. I plan on wood front door a garage doors with some of the other doors a dark blue. What do you see as the difference of these two colors? In samples they look very similar on the house. I like blue undertones but not a blue house! I also want a gray that looks great in the snow. Any thought on this? Thanks for your help. Best.

    • Hi Andrea! I see more blue undertone in the harbor gray than the Stonington. And I love the Stonington with the Navy Blue! Too be sure you love the color, I would paint a large poster board and see how the color looks on your exterior. Good luck!

  5. Also I have 2 sheds, one in front and one in back. I am sot sure if they should be the same paint colors or should they be something darker to not match the house. What would you suggest as an alternate color. I don’t want cutsie. Thanks again!!

  6. Hello Kelly,

    On the Kendall Charcoal and Pure White Trim house, what color did you use for the garage door and front door?

    Thank you!

      • I painted my house Amherst Gray with Super White but am thinking of going over in White Dove because it is a bit stark for me. I got black samples, and it seems like Black Jack has a lot of purple undertones, Wouldn’t a black with more green or no undertones work better overall? I am currently trying to decide whether to paint my garage door and back french doors in black for more contrast.

  7. Hi Kelly

    We’re painting our home Chelsea grey @50% for the body of the house and White Dove for the trim, porch ceilings & railings, etc.

    We now need to come up with a color (or stain) for the front & back covered porches – it’s currently brown tones which will look terrible.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Carrie, Do you mean a color for the floor of the porches? If so, I would paint 100 % Chelsea Gray, so it would be darker than the walls or maybe even a black. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much! I should have said it needs to be a stain (though I LOVE the idea of using Chelsea Gray) . Paint will not hold up with dogs and kids.

        Thanks again !!

  8. My roof is black and also has blue or green toned shingles. I see more green. Want gray but not a dark and not a blue tone. I am afraid a dark gray will make my house look too dark and small.
    I want to do grey with a white trim and a pit of dark color on shutters and front door what do you suggest?

    • Hi Vivian,

      I would love to help you select the best colors for your home. I ask that you send me a few photos and we will get started. My online exterior color consulting charge is $120.00 for all colors needed. (Walls, doors, shutters, etc.)
      Let me know if you would like to work together!

  9. Hi Kelly,
    I am painting the exterior of my stucco house either Rockport Gray or Stonington Gray with a white trim (thinking white dove) The roof is in the brown family. Any suggestions for the shutter color? House is 100 year old center entrance colonial.
    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  10. Hi Kelly,
    Love your helpful info on colors! I plan to pant my cape cod exterior clapboards Covington Gray. There are also new shingles on side walls and garage that will age and gray. White Dove will be my trim. I want to paint the shutters black, but not sure if I should use basic black or a different Ben Moore black?

    • Hi Jill
      I like to use Ben Moore Black Jack 2133-20 in a semi-gloss finish. Black Jack is not as cold as Ben Moore Ext. Room Black- a bit softer. Good luck with your project!

  11. Hi Kelly,

    My Cape Cod style home is painted BM Nantucket Gray; the trim color and all doors except for the front door are a creamy off-white, which I may eventually change to White Dove; and the shutters are black. I am considering painting the front door either black, like the shutters, or possibly a deep rusty-red color. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions. Thank you so much!

  12. Hi Kelly,
    We decided to paint our house Stonington Gray, i think I wrote Covington gray by mistake, had planned to use white Dove for trim and black for shutters- with a blue front door.
    I just realized that our Vinyl windows have a bright white casing. Do you think White Dove would still be a good choice for the trim? Or possicbly a whiter white ?

  13. Kelly,
    This fall we will lime wash our 70’s red brick leaving some brick exposed. Debating on which warm tone of Romabio lime wash to select (Riposo Beige, Nube Gray, Toscana Beige.) But, we have an addition, that gets sun mostly all day, with primed hardy plank that needs to be painted asap. We thought about SW Classic French Gray, Behr Seagull Gray/Still Gray or getting a paint color match for SW Kings Canyon Stain. I like the French Country sytle or an old Hamptons, NY home. What color do you suggest since we aren’t passionate about any color in particular. Just want a warm, creamy, dreamy home with some color…
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I would stay in the same color family orange/red/yellow so that the furnishings will blend in well. If you choose blue or violet, across from the color wheel, they will stand out more as a contrast. Green works well with everything! Thanks for writing!

  14. I plan on painting my house with Stonington Gray or Gray Owl. What are some good color trims that go with them?(white/light gray)

    • Hi Michelle,
      I would use a clean, white-white with Stonington Gray or Gray Owl such as Simply White OC-117 or Chantilly Lace OC-65. Even Pure White OC-64 I would look at because of it’s blue undertones. Hope this helps!

  15. Hi Kelly,

    We in SF Bay Area and have a two story craftsman style house and the top story is inset by 5 feet or so. We’re planning on using two grays and white trim. We’ve decided to use a dark gray for the second story and a light gray for the first story exterior. White trim and a white garage door. We’ve decided on Kelly Moore Iron Mountain KM3830-3 (Flat) for the second floor and would like to use a light gray for the lower floor. Do you have any recommendations for a nice light gray that would match well with the KM Iron Mountain? We’re also painting the trim white. Any recommendations for a white that would pair well with the grays?

    • Hi Gary,

      I have so many questions for you. Are you sure you want to paint the darker color on the top? I am afraid it will make your home ‘top-heavy’. Why did you choose a Flat finish? It is so hard for me to answer questions without seeing photos. If you would like to work together, I do online color consultations. For more information, send me an email at [email protected].

  16. Hi Kelly,

    We are repainting our home and I am thinking of using rockport gray and Hale Navy on the shutters and maybe the door. How do you feel about Rockport gray? We have a center hall colonial. Also thinking of possibly doing Maple leaf red for the door.
    Thank you!!

  17. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you so much for your gray exterior posting…it has been so helpful! We live in northern Calif and we are doing a complete remodel on our ranch style, single story home. We have pitched the roof on either side. Our new roof is a medium charcoal gray and came out lighter than I had wanted (I was hoping for a dark roof). I originally picked out BM Tucker Gray for the exterior siding with White Dove for the trim. Now I wonder if that is going to be too “matchy-matchy” with the roof and am having a really hard time making a decision. I also fear Tucker Gray will be too “blue.” I also like BM Chelsea Gray and BM Copley Gray but think they may be too “green” and just want a nice, medium value, blueish undertone gray (but not blue). Can you give me some advice? Do you take jobs like mine when we’re not close? Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Tucker Blue is a very pretty color that I see mostly blue. You stated you hve a new roof, is it a solid medium gray or does it have other colors in it? Hard when I can’t see photos. If you would like to work together, I offer Exterior Online Color Consultations. I would have you send me photos and explain exactly what you are searching for, walls, trim, door, etc. and I can give you a price. For the whole Exterior color palette, I charge $180.00 for all colors. Let me know if you are interested in working together.
      Thanks for writing!

  18. Hi- my husband and I are looking for a dark grey color to paint our garrison colonial’s cedar shingles… we love a dark color with bright white trim. We have a black roof and plan to remove all shutters so we can paint the trim around the windows and brighten things up. Which grey would you recommend? I wish there was a way to add a picture here.

  19. Hello Kelly,
    we are looking to paint our house gray with black trim. Having trouble deciding on the gray. We do not want blue, green or beige undertones. Our house is a two storey 100 years old and the garage is in the back of the house. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Jany,

      Sorry for the late response- I was moving last week. If you are using black trim, I would suggest ausing a charcoal gray color, such as Ben Moore’s Chelsea Gray. A beautiful medium gray- no undertones.
      Hope this helps!

  20. Hi Kelly,

    We love the gray color, and are changing our black , board and batten design on house to Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams to soften the look of the black boards, we have black gutters, black soffit, black roof. The main colour of house is a green, and white trim on bottom of windows. There is brick, beige, grey collar, by garage doosr, stucco is a brown beige on parts of the lower level of the house. What colour grey should we do the green part. We have a cooler Morris room Grey Sherwin Williams.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Would love to help you, but I would need to see photos of your exterior. Especially if you have brick and stucco. I don’t want to give you the wrong information. If you would like to work together on an online consultation to help find the perfect color, send me an email at [email protected]. Thanks for writing!

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