Exterior Color Palettes with Dark Trim

June 22, 2019

I have noticed a growing trend in darker exterior trim paint colors.  More often than not, instead of the usual  question of which white to use for trim, now everyone wants the darker colors for their trim.

dark garage doors


dark trim


I think it adds character and charm when painting your window trim and architectural details in a darker contrasting accent color.

dark trima


So cute! I think they nailed the color combo perfectly in this photo above.



Dark colored trim also make a house look more substantial, more detailed, more interesting.

houzz dark trim


The darker trim colors  are usually a dark gray or dark brown, or a dark gray/brown such as SW 7048 Urbane Bronze. A beautiful color:

urbane bronze


urbane bronze trim


And I have also seen dark blue trim:



I would love to hear your thoughts on using darker trim colors for contrast:


dark trim gray


Have a great summer weekend everyone!

Kelly xo


  1. We just moved into our retirement home & it needs a repaint (goodbye pinky beige!). It currently has dark brown trim, so I’m thinking going cream with dark brown trim. So I’m glad to hear you say this!

  2. I think the dark browns seem heavy and a little forbidding on the larger homes. To me, it’s better on the bungalows (maybe because I love bungalows). I spent a couple of weeks touring southwestern France in April and am still agog at gorgeous color combinations in the buildings (shutters, rooftops, etc) and coordinating landscaping, so I realize my eyes may not be ready for brown.

  3. When we purchased our split-level back in the early 90’s it had brown trim (soffit and facia) and brown gutters. For me, it’s a heavy look similar to wood cabinets and molding. As soon as we changed to cream, it brightened the house and made it more welcoming and less like a gingerbread house. Lol!

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