Easy Decorating With Trays

May 4, 2019

Trays are my top accessory to grab when I am putting together an arrangement or centerpiece. Service trays are so versatile and can add both function and décor to any room. There is always a table top, kitchen counter or cocktail table that needs a tray to help make a table look more put together than if a few items had been placed randomly across the table:

tray resize

So easy to put together:

IMG_7412 (2)

I usually like to start with a tray, add a few books, a flower for height and something special to me:



Trays come in many different styles and materials and add greater dimension to table and countertop decorating.

new trays

new tray

I have been enjoying taking photos of flowers lately:

bleeding hearts

Bleeding Heart is the name. So beautiful!


I should know the name of this flower. I have purple and pink plants in my yard. Anyone?

parrot tulips

parrot tulip

I LOVE tulips. Another easy decorating tool!

What do you have on your table?

We are moving forward with our new home. Boy, does everything take so long! We met with architect and now waiting for plans. We are building a one story home with a bonus room above.  Here is a photo of land:

new home land

Not much to see! We are so excited to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xo


  1. Hi Kelly. That is a hyacinth. It’s probably been there a while so it has fewer flowers than the ones you see in bulb catalogs. It should have a really nice smell.

  2. Lovely! Especially love the use of the purple tulips.

    (Still stop in once in awhile to see what you’re up to.) 🙂

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