Dreaming of Settling Down

March 23, 2019

Hey Everyone! A new adventure in moving is coming our way again. After we have moved six times in the past ten years, we are finally building our permanent dream home! On seven acres with a stream and a pond.We are so excited. We are finally putting down roots and settling down.

My husband and I thought we were settling down when we moved full time to our beautiful NH home. We love that home and spent most weekends and all vacations in the mountains, but once we moved up here full time, we realized that we missed our family and friends too much!  It’s been a great year living up in NH but we are excited for our next chapter – especially about being able to build a house the way that we’ve always wanted. One of the most exciting pieces is that I get to plan my dream kitchen:

dream kitchen






I love looking at inspirational photos to get ideas, don’t you? For example, I know that I would love a butlers pantry and I have an idea of how I would like it to look, but looking at beautiful photos is a good way to get design ideas you might not have thought of:

new pantry




Dreaming of a Master Bath:





And many more rooms! It will be fun sharing the process with you and all of the decisions to be made. We hope to start within the next couple months. How is that for a new adventure??

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Kelly, I am so happy for you. It’s both exciting and amazing that you get to design your ultimate vision. How cool to have a dream kitchen and bath using very little color. It’s the perfect studio to create many design schemes.

  2. So happy and excited for your new journey. You are so blessed to be able to have your dreams come true. A new home with a beautiful location…close to family! What more could you ask for?! Best to you, Kelly.

  3. How fun is that? Mark and I built our FHP (final resting place) 17 years ago. Everyone said that building a home would cause us to get divorced. We enjoyed it. We had no snags and came in right on what we budgeted. The builder said we were the easiest people he ever worked with because we were so interactive and knew what we wanted. Can’t wait to read your blogs on the experience. It will bring you great joy.

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