Did You Know??

June 16, 2018

Thought I would entertain you this weekend with a few fun decorating facts that you will enjoy!

Did you know??

*   For all of the paint choices available, 80% of the time we use only 20% of all colors?

*   One pair of pillows on a sofa always looks skimpy. Better to use two pairs, in contrasting colors, patterns and textures to bring your sofa to the next level.

*   You can easily and inexpensively lighten up any room by bringing in a straw/jute area rug for the warmer weather.

*   Why blue, green and violet are the # 1 bedroom paint color choice? These colors are considered cool and restful and tend to recede and contract. On the other side of the color wheel,  red, yellow and orange are warm and active colors. They tend to advance and expand your walls. Dark colors advance and light colors recede.

*   If you want your oak cabinets to stand out and be visible, you would use a complementary color , (across the color wheel), which would be blue or purple:

color wheel

That is if you want the cabinets to be the star of the room. If you want your oak (yellow/orange) cabinets to blend in with the walls, then you would paint walls in the same color family, such as yellows, greens and orange.

*   To avoid the ‘baby’ blue look on your walls, be sure to choose a gray with blue undertones such as Ben Moore’s’ Beach Glass 1564, Stonington Gary HC-170 and Palladian Blue HC-144.

*   The best paint color to work with natural stone is grayish greens.

stone wall

Such as Ben Moore’s Grant Beige HC-83, Manchester Tan, HC-81 or Sandy Hook Gray HC-108.

Did you know??

*   Home projects always take longer to finish that you had planned, (my office for example!):

ongoing office project

*   By painting your ceiling the same or slightly paler shade of the walls, the room will seem brighter and more spacious. This tip especially works well in small rooms or rooms with sloped ceilings.

*   LRV, Light Reflectance Value, measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects, or put another way, refers to how light or dark a paint color is. The higher the LRV number is, the lighter the color is. The lower the LRV number is – the darker the color is. For example, a darker navy, Hale Navy HC- 154, has an LRV number 5.4. Ben Moore’s Quiet Moments 1563, because it is so light, has an LRV of 63.9. The  Quiet Moments will reflect a considerable amount of light, which will lighten and brighten a room. If you would like to read more about LRV, read here.

quiet moments


*   When trying to decorate a large tabletop, using a tray will help break up the surface:



*   Mirrors can make a space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room, but placing one in the wrong spot can be almost as bad as not having one at all. Be sure to see what will reflect in the mirror before you hang.

*   Fabric provides the perfect starting point for creating a color scheme. It is an almost foolproof way to ensure you will love the colors in your room:



Did you know??

*   The color on the small paper sample strip always looks darker than when spread out on the wall.

*   If painting a room that is too narrow, a lighter color on the long walls and a darker, warmer color on the short walls will make the room appear wider.

I hope you enjoyed, maybe even learned a new trick. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!

Have a great weekend everyone!







  1. Excellent information Kelly! When I communicate with others about decorating, it’s what I’ve learned from you.

  2. I soooooo enjoy reading your newsletters/email posts! I just wish you were located in the Midwest to assist me with renovating my parents home in Michigan. I lost them just six weeks apart from each other, and I relocated back from Chicago to take care of their home so that it wouldn’t remain vacant. A cute little bungalow sitting on two deep lots with lots of potential….I’m taking on one small project at a time while I work and save up to do some of the projects. And I’m keeping the vision of how I would love to honor them with the finished look–both inside and out on my Dream Board. Thank you so much for sharing your tips!!!

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