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August 25, 2018

Thinking of decorating lately? Me neither. It is just that time of year when you can become overwhelmed with September right on our heels.  September means back to school, working becomes a priority again, summer starts to wind down, weeknights out are not so easy to plan, etc. etc. So, I am not giving you much to think about today. Since the great response on my last ‘Did You Know’ series, I thought I would again share with you  more hints and tips on a variety of subjects you may or may not know.

Did you know??

*  This is the time of year when sunflowers are in bloom and abundant.  Why don’t you make a beautiful table centerpiece with them?  I think they are especially gorgeous when mixed with blue flowers:

sunflower and blue


sunflower arrangement




Here are a couple arrangements I made from the flowers in my garden:

my flowers

my gaden flowers

*  Consumer Reports did a study and reported their results and ratings on various brands of Interior Paints:

consumer report


Home Depot’s Behr Marquee Interior Paints was found to have the best top qualities of all popular paints and is Consumer Reports top recommended brand. Interesting!



* A tip when buying kitchen/bath cabinets.  Beware of the seam on the front of cabinet:

cabinets with seam


I was helping a client purchase new kitchen cabinets this week and the salesperson told me that here in NH, where the weather gets REALLY cold, the seams of cabinets can sometimes pull apart and show a gap. Not always, but just something to think about if you live in extreme  hot or cold temperatures.

Did you know??

* Not all Benjamin Moore paint colors can be matched perfectly with Sherwin Williams paint colors? For example, a reader wrote and asked if I could find the Ben Moore equivalent to Sherwin Williams 6121 Whole Wheat. The closest Ben Moore color I found is Candle Glow CSP-1015:

Whole Wheat

Hard to see on the computer screen, but comparing the two colors  shows a lot more green in the Ben Moore Candle Glow. It is not a great match if that is what you are looking for. Not all paint colors will match from one company to the other. If you would like to see a comparable list between Benjamin Moore colors and Sherwin Williams that is within 4 % accurate, read here.

*  One of my favorite decorating looks I love is when you bring out the colors from from a piece of artwork and use those colors as accessories in room:

art tumbler




art pink


art work


So beautiful. It’s all in the details!!

*  When making custom pillows, use a pillow insert that is 2” larger all around than your finished pillow size. For example, if you want a 22” square pillow, use a 24” square insert. Your pillow will be perfectly plump and never flat.”  Lindsey Coral Harper



pillow cover


Most online stores sell just the pillow cover so follow the same rule- buy a pillow insert 2” larger.

I hope you enjoyed! Relish these last warm days of Summer!



  1. Wonderful information Kelly! I’ve gained so much from your blog this year. I will have to apologize to my husband who insisted on going to Home Depot to get the Behr brand before I (unwittingly) corrected him. Home Depot has a better method of color matching. It’s not exact but we bought a quart for touching up BM and no one can tell unless I point it out to them.

  2. This was practical, useful information. Thanks! The paint company assessment from Consumer Reports is really interesting to me. This week my painter wants to use SW Duration, saying it’s close to BM eggshell, but the Consumer Report marks aren’t very good. We will only be here another year before selling, but I do like to do what’s best for a house. I’d love to learn more about the projects you are working on and your thoughts as you make decisions. I will check out if you are on social media for the more everyday kinds of things. I appreciate the material you share. Thanks!

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