Decorating With Clocks

March 17, 2018

Do you use clocks in your decorating? From wall clocks to desk clocks, they make a great statement piece and most importantly, they help fill up that empty wall space!

clock bedroom

Clocks are accessories that will never goes out of style. I love them and have clocks all over my home!:



I especially love using them on nightstands:

clock nightstand

clock new

They come in all sizes and styles. Clocks are a great way to bring in a unique, interesting accessory that works well with all of your existing accessories:

clock on shelves

clock guest

I have been looking  for a a special clock for a client. Isn’t this a happy little mirror for an entry, laundry room or girl’s room?:



clock entry


Love this fun, cheerful clock:

clocks kids


Who would not love this beauty on nightstand?:

clock kate spade


Or maybe turquoise?:

clock kate


So pretty. Too many favorites to list all.

clock frank


Clocks bring functionality and style to any space! Do you use clocks for decorating?

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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yes to clocks! Thanks for this, a great idea for a post. I have everything in storage right now, and miss my Grandmother’s 8-day mantle clock and the newer Westminster Chimes clock (I sold my old Westminster Chimes when downsizing – it was from a trip to England so I should have kept it, but it made for a LOT of winding). Striking clocks add an interesting layer of sound.

  2. I love clocks Sandy and was surprised to find that I had never written about them before! Plus, it is hard to write about Spring when I have 14″ of snow outside my window! 🙁

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