Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Best Selling Blues & Greens

June 9, 2018

I know, I know. Same old color blog like the previous week. But, I was soooo stressed last week when I had to decide what you lovely readers would be more interested in- Ben Moore Best Selling Neutrals or Ben Moore Best Selling Blues? I chose neutrals, but I am back to list the blues because I can not get off my mind. Plus, I am going to throw in some greens. This is it though!

Ben Moore’s Best Selling Blues in no particular order:

                                                                                        Silver Mist 1619

ben moore SILVERMIST

A very soft blue, beautiful for a bedroom:



                                                                           Quiet Moments 1563

ben moore quiet moments

A mix of blue, green and gray, this is a very popular paint color:

ben moore quiet momentss


bm quiet moments


                                                                                 Beach Glass 1564

ben moore beach glass

Beach Glass is a slightly darker version of Quiet Moments. Also a mix of blue, green and gray where the green seems to be more prominent especially in lower lit areas, as you can see in the two above photos. (maybe it should be filed under green colors?)  This is the paint color I first think of when I hear “beach-inspired”:





                                                                                    Amsterdam AF- 550

ben moore amsterdam

Amsterdam is a grayish slate blue and is referred to as a ‘European Blue’:

ben moore amsterdam bath


                                                                           Newburyport Blue HC-155

ben moore newburyport blue

This is one of my favorite blues. If you are looking for a ‘nautical’ blue, Newburyport Blue will not disappoint. It works well with white and gray and is a great color choice for exterior doors:

ben moore newburyport blue doors


                                                                           Van Deusen Blue HC-156


Another favorite blue of mine. This is one of my first color choices to use for a dining room, kitchen cabinets or an office with either white or stained trim:

bm van deusen blue


                                                                                 Hale Navy HC-154

BM Hale-Navy-HC-154-Paint-Benjamin-Moore

The darkest and most beautiful blue of them all! I love this color so much, I am using for my new home office, (which is still under construction). But here is an example of another beautiful office painted Hale Navy:

ben moore hale navy


                                                                                   Silver Cloud 2129-70

ben moore silver cloud

This very light blue at the top of the color strip, is a soft, barely- there blue. I have not used myself and could not find a photo of it anywhere.

                                                                                 Seattle Gray 2130-70

ben moore seattle gray

Another light, light blue found on the top of the color strip sample. If you are just wanting to stick your little toe into color, this might work well for you.

bm seattle gray


                                                                                Beacon Gray 2128-60

ben moore beacon gray

Last on the Ben Moore best selling blue list is Beacon Gray. A light blue gray that is a little bit darker than the previous two colors:



Light. Blue. Pretty, but reminds me of a nursery blue.

Onward to Benjamin Moore’s Best Selling Greens:

                                                                            Saybrook Sage HC-114

ben moore saybrook sage

Sage is a very hot, popular color this year and Saybrook Sage is a perfect sage to use on your walls:

ben moore saybrook-sage


                                                                              Palladian Blue HC-144

ben moore palladian blue

Palladian Blue is one of my favorite bedroom colors. Depending on the light, it can read more green at times and more blue at other times of the day. Very soft and beautiful:



                                                                                  Woodlawn Blue HC-147

ben moore woodlawn blue

Another blue/green gray that tends to show more green on the wall. This is a color I often suggest for ceilings:

BM woodlawn blue


                                                                                                              Hunter Green 2041-10


People are saying this might be the new black. Very dark color. Great for cabinets and painted furniture:

ben moore hunter green


                                                                                       Nantucket Gray HC-111

ben moore nantucket gray

A lighter sage color, Nantucket Gray is a very popular color for exteriors:

bm nantucket gray




                                                                 November Rain 2142-60/OC-50

ben moore november rain

Part of the off-white collection, November Rain is a soft sage green. A beautiful color!

ben moore november rains



                                                                               Camouflage 2143-40


Camouflage has been on the best selling list for a few years now for good reason, a very versatile and earthy color:

bm camouflage


I actually helped a client choose this color today for his bathroom remodel he is working on. The tile was black and gray and the accent tile had a touch of this Camouflage color in it. Gorgeous. Wish I took picture! Duh…

I hope you enjoyed the new line up of colors this week. These are good colors to start with when looking for colors because they are tested and proven winners.

Have a great weekend everyone!





  1. I painted my kitchen November Rain last year, when doing a refresh before selling. It looked so good with the existing walnut stain cabinets and cream subway tile that I didn’t have to have the cabinets painted. And Woodlawn Blue was a favorite since painting the office/spare room a few years before. It’s lovely to see the colors again and also to think I made a good choice!
    (and I love that pale blue in your first photo example, with the raspberry cushions and throw)

    • I love November Rain Sandy. The green in the undertone is why it worked so well with your cabinets.
      These top colors have been in the top list for awhile and not going to change for awhile. Thanks for writing!

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