Before and After Exterior Using Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray

April 30, 2017

I recently worked with an online client helping to select an exterior paint color for her home. She had decided she wanted a gray and had narrowed her choices down to Ben Moore Chelsea Gray, Amherst Gray and Kendall Charcoal. She sent me a photo where she had already painted samples:

devon befor (3)

I do love Chelsea Gray. The only problem I have with using this gray outdoors is if the home is in strong sunlight all day. The Chelsea Gray color can seem washed out at times.  My first choice of the three was the Amherst Gray HC-167. I love the depth of this color and that makes it different than the standard gray:

devon after

Amherst Gray is unique and has personality!:

front door

I also love the way it seems to change tones depending on the amount of sunlight:

devon after sun

Or the amount of clouds during the day:

devon after shade


devon beforepic (2)

And After:

devon after3

Beautiful! Devon is very happy with the Amherst Gray selection. She wrote, “ Amherst has so many different shades and depth to it. I get compliments ALL the time. It was the perfect color for our house!! I thought Chelsea had a lot of taupe undertones and was verrrrrrrryyyyy light when the sun hit it. We got a ton of sun and Amherst really is a stand out color. A tiny bit of green undertones but it’s truly beautiful!!!”

I agree -I think it was the perfect color choice!!

Is painting your exterior on your to-do list this year?


  1. Love the new color! Personally I would have left the door the same dark (black?) color as before. It just looked classier to me, personally. 😉 The house looks so much more updated now in the Amherst Gray. Very pretty!

    As to exterior painting for me….Pretty much always there’s some 😉 The long winters with tons of snow here make it a necessity to scrape, prime and paint some of the window and door trim on house and garage nearly every year. But that’s OK…I get to work outside 🙂

  2. Kelly,

    Love the Amhurst Gray exterior – it looks great! I recently specified this body color for a new build and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Lovely home. I have a stucco home in southern California, so there is a lot of sun exposure. The roof is a light gray (metal roof). The current color is beige (not by me!). I would like the main color to be gray with white trim. I have a reddish brick herringbone patio in the back and the same brick on the porch. Can you please suggest colors for the body, trim and shutters? Does stucco material change how the color looks?

    • Hi Kathy, It would be too difficult to help you select colors without photos and information. I do online color consultations if you are interested in working together. Just drop me an email at- [email protected]. The charge per color is $55.00. Let me know. Thanks for writing.

    • Hi Amy,

      I wrote to homeowner and this is what she said about the white trim color- “It’s just the outdoor white trim paint by Benjamin Moore. I don’t think I have the name but it wasn’t anything special. Just white white!”
      I looked at exterior whites- could not find a close match. Ben Moore White Dove is a great trim color with Amhearst Gray. Hope this helps!

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