A Little Art on the Side

February 9, 2019

When decorating a room, I am all about the symmetry. Things in order, perfectly spaced, uniform, balanced  and in harmony:

nh bed


A very traditional style. But after I wrote a post here last week and saw this photo:

art off side


I fell in love with this off-balanced look. Asymmetrical balance is a design that looks balanced despite a lack of symmetry. Formal balance means the elements in the design (photo, painting, structure) are symmetrical. Informal balance means they are not strictly symmetrical, but appear to be so because of the composition of slightly asymmetrical elements.

art left


art right


art left1


Doesn’t this room look more interesting because the mirror is off center?:

art off


I definitely think so.  It looks cool. It’s such an unusual placement that it doesn’t appear to be an accident. It looks like a statement, the statement being I make my own rules!

art over


art bed


art right1


art to the side


I never thought I would like an asymmetrical look in a room. Never say never in design or color. Do you ever use this off-balance look when decorating your home? I wanted to give it a try:


Hmmmmmm… What do you think? I like different.  I will live with it awhile and let you know. Let’s see if my husband notices and says anything. It will be a lot easier dusting! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly xo

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  1. This is a pretty cool idea! We’ll have to try it – as always, thanks for sharing!

    PS – I love the little bird picture and bedspread image in one of your first photos! So cute!

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