Working With An Unusual Trim Color

February 23, 2016

Finding a wall color is difficult enough. But when you have to work around an unusual color such as this trim below:


It is really challenging!  Can you tell what undertone the trim has?

This is my living room in our NH home. The previous owner thought taupe was a good neutral to use for All the trim in the house!:

trim view

And there is a lot of trim around these windows. My husband has finally said that he wanted to get rid of the yellow. Yay! (he takes a while to warm up to my good ideas).  I knew we had to work with the fireplace and ceiling color:


I had a few colors picked out that I want to use:


The large color samples from the left are Simply White, Cloud White is in the middle and Revere Pewter on the right. Then I tried painting the samples up on the wall:


Cloud White is on the left, Simply White in the middle and Revere Pewter on the right. If you guessed the trim undertone as pinky beige- you are right. Can you see how pinky the trim looks with the white?   We talked about painting all the trim over in white, (to get it right!) but hubby just is not quite on board. A lot of work. So the plan for now is to paint the room with the Revere Pewter and see how it works with the trim. It certainly is going to look better than the yellow we have now! If the undertone of the trim isn’t working, them we will paint the trim a white.



The Revere is going to work really nice with the blue ceiling and the stone in the fireplace as well as our Chelsea Gray kitchen. We are making progress! I will keep you updated!

Thanks everyone!




  1. Had we moved last fall, we would have been faced with a “not wanted” trim color and walls. My idea was going to be to paint the trim and the walls all the same color, all the same sheen. I know that’s not usually the way it’s done. Usually the trim is higher sheen (say semi-gloss and walls eggshell or satin). But my reasoning was all that trim wouldn’t have had to be taped off and the whole thing could easily have been painted! LOL!

    Excited to see your new color! Thanks for sharing.

  2. When we moved last July, the house had brown trim everywhere. I loved the house but the trim had to go. I didn’t undertake to get rid of it all at once but I’m chipping away at it slowly. Even the doors and window frames are brown. I know some people like this look but I’m not one of them. I have a feeling you will eventually be painting your trim white but I’m looking forward to your finished result with the revere peuter. Beautiful house.

  3. Revere Pewter looks like a beautiful choice. Seeing the undertones in different paint colors is a challenge for me. Which is why I get Kelly’s help selecting paint colors. ? Good luck on your project!

  4. […] But both my husband and I just were not loving it. I think because we are so tired of the yellow that has been there the last six years, (Ben Moore Honeymoon), the slight beige we saw  in the Revere was not what we were looking for. Plus we had to work with an unusual trim color here: […]

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