Winter Centerpieces

January 14, 2018

With all of the Christmas decorations put away in my home, (well almost all), everything looks so bare and empty. So I have been trying to think of ideas to use for a centerpiece on my bare tables. When I google ‘winter centerpieces’ all I have found are Christmas decorations or extreme wedding table centerpieces. I even looked at the florist department at the market today- no flowers, no anything!

I thought I had one good idea- forcing Spring branches indoors. But after googling that subject, I found it is still too early for that here in the Northeast.  A few of the early bloomers I love is Forsythia, Magnolia, Flowering quince, Pussy willows, Flowering dogwood, Lilacs and of course Cherry blossom branches!



There are no buds on our trees yet and normally will not be until late February- early March. I am definitely going to be on top of this project and will let you know all about it in a month or so!

One idea I have been seeing a lot of is cotton stems used in containers:

cotton stems


I really like the look! They are referred to as a farmhouse accessory, but who says I can’t use in my home too? 🙂



I found a place in Maine that sells real birch branches you could fill a vase with:



I really could not find many ideas online. Like I mentioned above, everything looked too Christmassy or very over–the-top wedding centerpieces. I like simple. So I went out into my backyard and cut off a few evergreen branches and played around with as a centerpiece:

cotton b



My empty, boring dining table was next:

winter 4

I brought in my light colored dishes for a nod to Spring, ( I can dream).

winter bird

winter bird2

I will admit that I am having so much fun using my new photo lens I received for Christmas! Takes great pictures.

And that is about how far I got decorating this weekend. The playoff games were on you know! Do you decorate for the winter season after Christmas? Love to hear about your ideas!

Have a great week everyone.



    • Hi Sandy- I got a new 35mm lens. They say it is the best all around lens to have. I have really researched. My next lens I would love to get is a macro for closeups and a wide angle for indoors. Plus I love taking landscape photos also. I really love taking photos. How about you?

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