Winner of $100.00 Gift Card and A Quick Tip To Jazz Up Your Balls

December 13, 2016

The winner of the Lowe’s $100.00 Gift Certificate is Amy Mooney! Hooray Amy! I will send you an email to get your mailing address to send your gift card. Thank you everyone who entered the raffle in last month’s newsletter. I really appreciate all of your comments!!


I also wanted to share a quick Holiday decorating tip I saw the other day and really liked. A bowl or basket of Christmas balls looks really nice:


But if you want to step it up just a bit, add a little greenery to the mix:


Not the Pantone color- although that color might work- I mean the greenery from your outdoor shrubs:


Doesn’t it add a little something special? (Do you see me now? In the silver ornament?):



A touch of green:


Simple and free!

Hahaha If you look back at all the photos, I am in every one of the silver balls! haha  Always the pro.


  1. I do like your idea of adding greenery to the Christmas decorations, definitely adds something special:) Merry Christmas Kelly!

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