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February 7, 2016

Right now I am in the middle of changing up my master bedroom:


I knew the time was coming because my husband, Mike, has not stopped complaining about the white bedding since I first put it on the bed:

kelly bernier designs

He has never liked it. One day I was able to drag him into Home Goods where he found a comforter he liked, (and of course the blue and white also got my approval!) You know what that means- new comforter- new accessories! I have always wanted a rug in my bedroom:

blue two bedding

Check! New lamps from Home Goods:

new lamps

Check! And I found THE perfect pillow:

new pillow

And of course I now had to change the curtains. Right? πŸ™‚ Scored at Home Goods again. I found this beautiful pair of window panels on clearance for only $18.00 per pair. They were on clearance because of their length- 104”. I bought two pairs and brought to tailors. They sewed the two side panels together and hemmed to 84” length for $60.00. The total cost of my new custom curtains was $96.00. Pretty good, don’t you think?


new bedroom

I’m sorry I can not show you the entire room yet. I need to find something for each side of the bed and I am still waiting for my Euro pillows from Etsy to be delivered:

dragon euro


Aren’t they beautiful? I love them. The fabric has all of my colors in the room. Etsy is the best place to find great pillows.

Have you started any new redesign projects lately at your house?


  1. I’m a blue person too! Great finds. Good sport Mike. My husband would never go into HomeGoods are anywhere with me to look for a comforter. He would just tell me he didn’t want purple or white or whatever color.

  2. Your new bedroom will look beautiful! But your old one is gorgeous, too. Be sure to post the finished product….and btw, can i have your old bedroom lamps? I love those! Lol I’m sure you will find another place to put them.

  3. I love the blues and especially the play of patterns. I’m wondering about your cedar chest – is it natural, without a stain? I have one that belonged to my mother when she was a girl (her ‘hope chest’). It’s the common orangey-red stain, and I’d like to have it refinished without the stain, but not sure what color it would turn out to be. Any advice? — the topic of refinishing furniture might be a good future post.

    • Hi Sandy, My chest is not stained. Just a clear coat over the wood. It is very old. We were fortunate to get a deal of old furniture. I think the chests are my favorite! Hard to advise you without seeing. Can you send a picture?

  4. Hi Kelly, It all looks beautifful! I would like the old look for spring/summer, and the new look for fall/winter. You decorate beautifully!
    Denise (Halliwell)

  5. I liked the white bedding but then I liked the contrast and a little lighter aspect to the overall look it provided. πŸ˜‰

    The drapes are fabulous! Now you gotta learn to sew and save yourself the tailoring fee πŸ˜‰

    The whole room is very “you”. Very pretty!

  6. LOVE THE UPDATED NEW MBR! It’s funny, I don’t even “see” it as a Blue and White room. The beautiful colors in your pillow make it even more colorful! As you know, one shopping trip can yield instant gratification and a happy hubby!!

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