Visual Decorating Tips

October 28, 2014

[pinterest]Sometimes I see such a great decorating tip, I just have to share with you. I did not draw this image, but it is such a good visual of the correct rug size to use in your bedroom:

do this pic


Perfect! Easy to follow and simple to understand. I know and use this decorating tip, but when trying to explain to someone, aren’t visuals always best?







And one of my all time favorites:

window pic


Easy to understand, easy to remember! Don’t you agree? Any visual decorating tips you would like to share?

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  1. Love these! So glad you shared these today. Even though I’m not very good at drawing, there are many times when I do sketches for clients if they can’t “see” what I’m talking about. But those who can’t “see” it until it’s 3-D still are scratching their heads sometimes. Haha!

  2. These really are great Kelly – a picture is worth a 1000 words but an “illustrated” picture makes those 1000 words make sense. The bedroom rug placement and the room visualizer are particularly helpful to see and plan before one moves things around. A good “how-to” on hanging art similar to these would be great to add to the package.

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