Unforgettable Venice Beach

August 24, 2015

Picture miles of beautiful white sand beach on the ocean, a bike/skate road, a green park and a fun boardwalk:


Venice Beach! It was one of my favorite places I visited while on vacation in San Diego. The sights and the people were such a trip to see!



There was very unique artwork for sale:




You could take in a show if you wanted:

bearded lady1

bearded lady

Or just sit and watch people:




There were plenty of souvenir shops to choose from:

mike bitch

And even animals making money:


bw park

Here is the famous Muscle Beach on the boardwalk:

muscle beach

It was much smaller than it appears on TV. Here is my new friend that took time from working out:Smile


Venice Beach was one of my favorite places I visited while on the West Coast. I would highly recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance. Very entertaining and interesting!

you are perfect

I could not figure out what the clothes were there for. See the bus in the back? I saw that on a TV show last night!

I wanted to share my visit with you! I definitely want to return again someday. Isn’t vacation great?

Thanks everyone!


  1. Wow again! The artwork reminds me of the artwork my husband and I saw a few years back in New Orleans – very unique! Love the picture of you with your “new friend”. You look so very tiny beside him! thanks for sharing your vacation pictures with us, especially your added comments, it’s delightfully fun!
    Nancy B.

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