Using Various Shapes To Add Interest

January 25, 2016

I am not talking about geometric shapes and patterns in fabric prints such as chevron, plaid, etc. I am referring to actual shapes such as round, oval, square and rectangle:



I have found when decorating a room, incorporating various shapes of furnishings and accessories keep the room from looking too rigid and boring. For instance, trays are one of my favorite items to decorate with in every room because they do come in varied shapes and sizes. When staging a vignette on a rectangle ottoman, I try to use a round or oval shaped tray to make it look less formal and visa versa:

round ottoman


A gallery wall is another way I like to add excitement to the arrangement by adding a round or oval shaped frame in the mix of squares:

round gallery


More interesting, don’t you think? I myself like a less formal look so I try to break up a living room full of square tables and rectangle furniture by bringing in a round ottoman or pouf:

round ottoman2


Entryways are another place to mix it up. You have your square door with your square walls so I always suggest using a large round area rug to soften all the hard edges:

round area rug


Another good place to bring in varied shapes for interest  is your kitchen counters with your flat countertops and flat backsplash.  A round tea kettle or even an oval cutting board will break up the monotony on the counter and add more interest and be less boring!

kitchen vignette


So if you think an area in your home is looking flat and lifeless, try bringing in various shapes to your vignettes and arrangements. It really works!


  1. Kelly,
    People don’t usually think about the shapes of their furniture when choosing new items for a room. Choosing a variety of the right shapes can make a big difference in the outcome! Good post!

  2. I like that round ottoman! Everything in our house is square, and I love breaking up the shapes. We found a wire heart and wrapped it in red burlap for a Valentine’s decoration. I think it would be nice to have some kind of a sweeping drapery over the wide windows to add movement to the room, kind of like this: //

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