Using Artwork as a Starting Point for Selecting Color Palette

January 4, 2020

Isn’t it so difficult trying to find a new color palette, especially for your own home?! One of the best ways I have found for a starting point is your artwork:

blue art

I have been looking online for new art for over the sofa, but nothing has been exciting me.  Then I found, (in our basement in a pile), this print I already own that I think will work well. I love navy and it is my common color throughout my home. I wanted to find a new color to bring in and I since I love pink so much and it is in the artwork……

Pink it is!  I have a lot of navy in my home and thinking of bringing in  pink is exciting me! I love how pretty the navy, white and pink work together.  Artwork is a really easy place to start your color palette. Plus, if you love the artwork, you are sure to love the colors. For the wall color, I could use a white or a pink, or even a light gray blue.  But painting the walls are not an option for me just yet. I think the former owner used Ben Moore Revere Pewter throughout the first floor, because the walls look light gray in some rooms and more of a beige in the rooms with less light. I want to get a little more settled before I start changing the wall colors:


(The photo above is showing more beige than it actually is.) So instead of the wall color, I am going to use the pink and white as accessories. I was at Home Goods today and look at what I picked up:


Pinks! Flowers and throws:


blue art2

pink peonies

Well, I have to confess to you that I have been doing exactly what I have told you NOT to do when juggling many home projects at once- my mind is jumping all over the place in all different rooms instead of focusing on one area at a time! I am looking at wallpapers for bedroom and laundry room, lamps for dining room, pillows for sofa in living room, etc. etc! Taking a deep breath and  slowing down to concentrate on one room at a time. I will try anyway! haha

Happy 2020 everyone! I hope your year is filled with much love and laughter!

Kelly xo


  1. I love navy and pink too, such fun colors that will brighten any space! I also love that you are jumping around from one room to the next- it is hard to stay focused when there are so many rooms to tackle! I am sure you will create incredible spaces, no matter how make it happen. Best of luck in your new home!

  2. Love the color combo of Navy & Pink, and can imagine how gorgeous your room is going to look when painted.
    Happy New Year!

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