Updated Bath Photographs

July 26, 2015

new bath

I was disappointed in myself over the weekend for posting such awful photos of my new bath last week. I was in such a rush to get a blog out, I did not take the time to get better pictures.

In fact, the photos were so bad, I knew it wasn’t just my photo skills. The new sconce I had picked was not working in the space, so I quickly replaced it:

bath new

new bath4

Also, my reader friend Alice asked what was out the window because it looked like it was underwater! lol We can blame that on the bad photographer. Here is a better photo of outside the window:


It is my backyard in NH. We are on a hill and you can see the rock wall at the bottom of window. We use this window for bear spotting in the backyard!

new bath3

With the light fixture changed, I am now very happy with how it looks. These photos are definitely a better representative of the room which makes this a better blog post too. I am now smiling when I walk into the room and that is what it is all about, right?


  1. What a perfect spot to watch for bears!!! I cannot imagine having bears in my backyard, haha! Anyway, the Elephant Gray works great with the tub – I have used that color for clients many times over the last year – it’s a good one. Great job of updating your bathroom, Kelly!!!

  2. Hi,
    Love that you did the blue on the ceiling. Have you thought about taking the wall light away and re-wire for a chandelier over the tub and then raise the pretty picture since you have so much room on that wall for display?
    Happy decorating,

    • Believe me Sandi, that was one of my first ideas too! But an electrician told my husband last year to never put chandeliers over water. I tried to have one put over hot tub and he said the accident rate was so high with lighting over a tub. So hubby said no.

  3. Thanks Kelly! The window with that gorgeous view, looks like a painting itself.

    I liked Sandi’s chandelier idea too – but understand the danger. Candle sconces also look great – not that I need to tell you that! Or even a low hanging candle chandelier… Yes, I am candle crazy!

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