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September 8, 2016

It’s described as a softened olive leaf green, pastoral and a little wild at heart:

domino green

via      Green Smoke  Farrow & Ball

I have been seeing quite a bit of this gray green paint color. Rich and earthy, don’t you think?

PPG had chosen Paradise Found as their 2016 color of the year. It’s a soothing gray-green with a hint of blue.

ppg green


It is definitely a muddier color than the clean, bright hues we have been seeing.



Dee Schlotter, the spokesperson for PPG Brands, design and color marketers and makers of PPG Paints, says, “Green is restorative, rejuvenating and fresh. Being in nature brings an ease or a relaxation that’s almost immediate. Recreating that feeling in the home is very popular right now.”



Here is the same color with more saturation so is a bit darker:

happy green


green grayed


Rich and earthy, don’t you think?:

green muted


“If you’re trying green for the first time, Lee Eiseman, head of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training near Seattle advises looking at the blue-greens. “They’re the most universally pleasant and least risky,” she says. “Particularly teals and deep turquoise.”

new green


moody green


Do you think this moodier shade of green is catching on and becoming more popular? I actually really like it the more I see of it, (funny how that works!) What say you?


  1. Beautiful post Kelly. .personally I have always loved these moody color palettes….glad to see that these rich color choices are still desirable.

  2. I think Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke would look lovely in an interior room where one would like to have a complete feeling of cacooning. I may consider using it in a small powder room and make sure the lighting suits the somewhat darker color.

    I think using it in another room where there is more natural light would work nicely provided there was more lighter elements….like the photos you’ve shown with lighter floors and furnishings…so as not to make a larger space appear too dungeon-like. It would look stunning in a study/reading room where the gentleman of the house goes for an after dinner brandy to sit by the fireplace with his beloved dog and a good book 🙂

    I also like it coupled with one or two darker pieces to bring out the color’s innate depth.

    This moody green (either PPG or F&B) will either make people swoon or say “no”. But it certainly is one to consider for a time when connecting back to Nature is uppermost in many people’s minds today.

    Lovely lovely post Kelly! What beautiful photos and thoughts to start our weekend with.

  3. What a relief. I love the blue-greens, have not enjoyed the yellow green trend. (so discouraging when my favorite colors get called “dated”!)

  4. I’m looking at Quietude by SW. I still do not want to commit to much color. My feature wall is Elk Horn by BM. With the early evening sun on that wall, it has yellow undertones which makes it look like an olive green. My accessories, like in the photos, are smokey gray fabrics and mirrored finishes with a splash of wheat color to keep it vibrant. I just can’t seem to commit to the color but I cringe when I see the olive green.

  5. Kelly I love the green! We have it in our kitchen and on one wall in our dining room as well as a more “bluer” green in our master bedroom and we love it! It is so soothing and it does bring the outside in. Our house overlooks the woods and is surrounded on all sides by garden so it really works with green. Plus I am Irish so of course, love all forty shades! Am sure you have heard of “Kelly green?”!!!

  6. I am dying to use Green Smoke (FB) in my house! I ordered a sample, but it was too dark for the room I was painting. I ended up using the paint on my outdoor urns at the bottom of my front porch. I used fushia, white, and purple flowers with greens in the urns and the whole thing was so striking! I got so many compliments over the summer and requests about the color. Still waiting to find the right indoor spot for it, though! Glad these colors are coming around!

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