Top Home Trends I’m Loving for Spring 2019 (and a few I’m not!)

February 2, 2019

Everyone has their own opinion of what is hot and what is not in home decorating.  Some designers say one thing, (for example, accent walls are in) and another will say the trend is on it’s way out. So I have gathered together a list of popular trends for 2019 I have seen around the decorating world and are loving. You be the judge.

Floral patterns are taking root and showing up in stores on bedding, pillows, chairs, and wallpaper:



floral wallpaper


floral duvet


floral chair


Today’s blooms are big, bold and beautiful!

Blue velvet sofas:

blue velvet


blue velvet sofa


Love, love love. I have had mine for about 8 years and love it still. I guess a lot of others do now too because they are very popular!

velvet sofa

Statement Ceilings: From expressively daring paint colors, wallpaper and wood detailing, the ceiling is the place that people are starting to taking chances on and making a statement:



painted ceilings




Decorating with natural elements. Bringing the exterior indoors is an idea that is continuing to rise in popularity:

natural wood wall


Loving this natural wood finish mirror below. Did you know Jonathan Adler has a design line on Amazon named Now House?:

adler mirror


It is Amazon’s first exclusive designer collection for the home that includes furniture, rugs, bedding, decorative accessories and more:

adler table


And speaking of nature inspired, the biggest paint color buzz I am seeing everywhere:


                             Pittsburg Paints Night Watch PPG1145-7


A rich, luxurious, and deep shade of green mixed with a touch of black:



A perfect front door color:


Accessories in deep jewel tones:





Just beautiful.

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And a couple trends I would stay away from:

Terrazzo, which is made from a mix of glass, granite, marble, or quartz chips suspended in a polished cement or resin. I have been seeing this used in bathrooms. It may look nice now, but this ‘trend’ I doubt will be around for long. It will look dated in just a few years. My opinion.



Black kitchen cabinets:

black cabinets


Yes, I do love them right now because they are new and popular. But how long do you think they will be current? And imagine all the dirt and fingerprints you will see on the black?

Curved Furniture:

round sofa


All I can think of is a kidney bean. Not my preferred look. Seems like a lot of seating space is wasted. Again, just my opinion!

So what do you think? Which are your favorites and least favorite?

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Re: the terrazzo. I’m for anything that keeps stuff out of the landfills, so looked seriously at recycled glass (or recycled anything) for countertops when remodeling a couple of years ago. It’s the “resin” part that stopped me. I would love to see more use of recycled or repurposed materials, and hope it would be lasting and not a trend. (I’ve seen some nice rugs made from recycled soda bottles of all things — got one for my screened porch)

    • I agree Sandy with the recycling ideas. I just wanted to point out to not choose for looks- not going to be in style soon. Would make a great flooring for businesses and large buildings!

      • Yes, I understand, and I like pretty things too — just get frustrated with our “first world problems” and the negative impact they have on our environment. (The colorful grouping of vases made me think of the collection of hyacinth glasses I gave away when I downsized… can’t keep everything)

  2. I’m loving the natural look & the ceilings!. I agree on the black cabinets & terrazzo. Most of the others I really like….except maybe those strong flowers. Hmmm…nor sure about that.

  3. I love the flower patterns so much with pillows, curtains, etc., but the wallpaper is too hard to replace when it goes out of style. We just saw a house for sale that had many walls of out of style wallpaper, all I could see were dollar signs.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Great list of trends for 2019! I believe you are right about the terrazzo, and I’m not seeing that actually getting any traction. Although I like some of the curvier furniture shapes, I also agree that the curved sofas are very limiting – they are only functional in large rooms, and then you can’t have a linear coffee table or a sofa table at all!

  5. Hi Kelly, always love looking at the pics you gather. I love the ceiling statements, especially the blue with shaped molding!

  6. My two cents: Night Watch is a most unattractive, industrial-looking color. Terrazzo makes a nice floor in tropical areas (I grew up in Florida with lots of it) but it looks weird in other places and for other surfaces. The new floral wallpapers remind me of some I enjoyed in the early 1970s. However, they will probably have a short shelf-life. Thanks for the stimulation, as always.

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