Tips and Tricks Using Fake Flowers

January 18, 2020

One of my reader friends, Hi Robyn!, asked where I buy all of my flowers I use for decorating. I think flowers, real or faux, bring a touch of happiness to a room.  They put a smile on my face when I see in a room. I of course would love my home filled with real flowers, but in the dead of winter like now, I will use faux with no problem because some look so real!


Faux flowers have come a long way! I remember when just starting out in business, it was very expensive to buy floral stems and arrangements that looked real. They all had a waxy, fake look about them. Remember that? And there was no online shopping  so you could only find them in a few select stores.

So where do I find my fake florals?




I start looking in Amazon for everyday flowers because of variety, price and reviews. Wayfair also has a good selection:

floral Hydrangea and Rose Floral Arrangement in Glass Vase


Pier1 is still one of my favorite stores for branches and floral stems:

pier1 floral


Joss and Main is another great store for accessories:

Faux Hydrangea Centerpiece in Vase


Ballard Designs greens and topiaries are beautiful also!:

olive branches




Here are a few decorating tips when using faux flowers:

Tip: When shopping online, do a bit of research and always read the reviews!

Tip: The faux flowers made out of silk are the ones that look most genuine.

Tip:  Allow a few petals to drop. Real flowers shed, so let your fake flowers shed a few blossoms or buds on the table.

Tip: When using a clear vase with faux flowers, I think the ones that have water on the bottom look best.

Tip: Decorate with flowers that are all one color and type. Find one fake flower in the color you like and fill the vase or container with them.

Tip: Use a clear vase unconventionally with a single bud:

floral jar

floral in jar

TIP: Bend the stems.  A real flower does not stand perfectly straight on it’s stem. Bend the wire stems a bit so they will droop more like a real flower.

Tip: When filling a vase, too many flowers are better than not having enough.When there are not enough flowers used, it tends to make them look chintzy and cheap.

Tip: It’s the little details in a room such as pops of flowers that make the whole room look put together.

Tip: Flowers, including faux flowers, are one of a stylist’s best friend.

Tip: Using flowers helps tie a collection of items together. It’s all in the little details.  greens

There may be affiliate links in this post. At no extra cost to you, I may make a small commission and I thank you! I only add products I love and think you will too.

Tip: A good idea when making a large faux floral arrangement, is that the main flower you are using is in season. For example, you wouldn’t want to use poinsettias in your summer tablescape, nor would you want to put gerber daisy blooms in a vase in January.

Tip: Not a fan of planting fake flowers outdoors. Because of the natural elements around them, they really stand out and not look real. There may be afflite links in this post.

Tip: Keep it simple. 



fushia flowers





Have a great weekend!

Kelly xoxo


  1. I love some of the faux flowers & greenery. But it is really hard to find real looking ones. Thanks for the tips. I would love to see some nice looking succulents on your blog too.

  2. Thank you for sharing where to find good faux flowers! I live in a small town and there are few options. One question: When you say that water looks best in a vase of faux flowers….do you just add water and it doesn’t affect the stems? Thanks for your great blog! I always learn something!

    • A lot of the faux flowers in clear vases now have that ‘faux’ water in them Kitsy. I read you can use clear nail polish on ends of stems and use real water and the faux stems will not rust. Have not tried myself.

  3. Even though tulips are not in season, I just purchased a pot of yellow tulips for my dining room table. My son was fooled into thinking they were real. Real flowers are so expensive, and only last a week at best. Potted Orchids are a good buy as they can last for months.
    Thanks for the good tips Kelly:)

  4. I remember being tempted by all the beautiful blooms that grocery stores keep by the entrances — until I read about how far away they’re grown and how much energy is wasted and pollution is created to ship them to us. So for the first time, I can understand why people might want faux flowers. It sounds like a good choice, and I admire yours, but for me, I still prefer houseplants, especially my Christmas cactus which blooms off and on all year. (and I’ve had potted orchids and also Hoyas that lived and re-bloomed for years, so maybe it’s time for more!)

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