Tiny Houses Movement

April 19, 2015

tiny house 2


A new generation of home buyers are opting for living simply in small places:

tiny house


Tiny houses are built on trailer platforms and are typically between one hundred and three hundred square feet.

tiny house loft


It fascinates me, this trend of extreme downsizing. The houses are adorable but they are so small!

tiny tree house


tiny house 3


People who live in tiny houses, or aspire to, appear to fall into one of three overlapping categories. The first consists of young people who see a tiny house as a means of owning a place while avoiding property taxes and maybe rent, since they can often find places to park their house free. The second group includes older men and women who have either sold or walked away from a house they couldn’t afford. A subset of this group is retired couples whose children are gone, and who want to live more simply.The third group is composed of people determined to live environmentally responsible lives––to live “lightly,” as they put it. source

tiny treehouse


That looks like my tree house in Costa Rica where I stayed for a week! That was really small.

tiny house interior


tiny house 4


They are so cute! I can’t help but watch “Tiny House Nation” on DIY Network. HGTV also has a show helping homeowners find the tiny house of their dreams called, “Tiny House Hunters”.

tiny house hgtv


tiny interior


tiny interior2


Wow. Don’t you think they are fascinating? God bless them. They are definitely making the world a better place for our future generations. Do you know anyone that lives in a tiny house? To give you an idea how popular small is growing; This weekend’s two-day conference is sold out at the Holiday Inn near the Portland Airport:


Some of the Tiny Houses on display at the Tiny House Conference in Portland, April 18, 2015 (KOIN 6 News)


  1. These are tiny…but so cute and so well designed for space planning.

    When we got married our first home was a 648 sq. ft mobile home.It was SO ugly. LOL! Had I known then what I know today, it could have been really cute and practical though. 🙂

    Teeny house living in 100-400 sq ft? I think it works if you can do a lot of outside living in a climate that allows that. A space that size could get REALLLLLY small if you have to spend 6-7 months (or more!) of your days indoors due to freezing cold weather 😉

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