The Right Vase For The Right Flower

April 24, 2016

If you are like me, you have many different vases you have collected over the years. Tall, short, round and square. Clear and colored glass. Vases and containers of all colors, shapes and sizes!

Kelly Bernier 5 14 flowers 3

But that is ok, because a good variety is important to handle the many different flowers and  various arrangements. Here is a brief summary of popular vase shapes and what flowers work best:

Cube Vases

This is a very popular vase shape in flower arranging because it is one the the easiest to work with:

tray (1)


I use this type often because it is so easy – just cut the stems all the same length! I love the results. It is a great little vase to present a bunch of short stems in a modern way such as tulips, peonies and anemones to name just a few. The key is having enough flowers to fill it. If you are having trouble having your stems stand up, use a grid of tape across the top:

cube vase tape


peonies in cube


Tall Vases

Use a tall straight vase to showcase tall dramatic flowers. A straight vase will help hold the flowers upright. A few strong stems to use are lilies, gladioli and delphiniums. Another great use for this type of vase is holding branches:

branch vase




taller vase


Flared Vase

The flared vase is one of the most common vases available although it seems to be the most difficult vase to work with. If you do not have enough flowers, or if they are too tall, they stems will fall around the edge and leave the middle empty. A trick I have learned is to use smaller flowers or foliage all around the edge until full, then use your larger blooms towards the center:

fluted vase


Another way to work with a flared vase is to fill with fruit and then stand stems up in middle:

tall vase



Pitchers suggest a relaxed country look that we all love:



Hydrangeas and lilacs are two  of my favorites to use:



white pitcher


Bud Vases

Bud vases have a narrow neck that is designed to hold and showcase either one special bloom or branch:

bud peony



Or you can use several small flower stems together:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 flowers 1

Kelly Bernier 5 14 flowers 5

Don’t you love seeing a group of different bud vases together?:

group of buds


buds group


I am making a group of bud vases this week! They really look nice, don’t you think? I am definitely doing it!

* A good tip to remember: stems should not be longer than the height and half of the container.

* One trick the pros use is to tie the stems together. Start by stripping off all but the few top leaves, and then form the bouquet in your hand,not in the vase,adding flowers one by one in a tightly packed arrangement. Then tie the bunch at the very top, right up under the blooms, with a length of waxed twine, string or raffia. Cut the stems to a uniform length before setting them in the vase.

* For modern-looking arrangements, use just one color. Most modern designs rely on massed flowers of a single species and color to make a big impression.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Arranging flowers beautifully is one skill I can’t seem to master, even though I took a flower arranging course. My mother loved arranging flowers, and my sister owned a flower store for years. I didn’t get that gene. Lovely arrangements, and you have given me some great ideas. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Kelly for an inspirational post. I love arranging flowers in various vases throughout my house. They bring me so much joy!

  3. When I look at these flowers, of course I immediately think that they are beautiful; however, I think it is really easy to overlook the vase that the flowers are in. I think if they compliment each other well, the flowers look even more beautiful. Have you ever seen a flower arrangement with a vase that just does not fit? In that case, the vibrant colors of the flowers do not seem as vibrant. Any tips of how to match it correctly? Thanks for your post! 🙂 //

  4. I agree with you, We mostly select a product which attracts us the most and misses out whether it goes perfectly with the entire home decor. the main thing which matters is the vase. Choose the perfect one that goes well with your decor. //

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