The Hunt For THE Coffee Table

May 14, 2016

We have been gradually chipping away, budget and time allowing, on redoing our living room:

living room

Finally painting the walls! Now I want to buy a few items and for some reason, I am having a hard time choosing a coffee table. My husband does not understand why we need a new table. I tried to explain, now that the perfect paint color is going on the walls, we must also put the rest of the design plans in place! And that includes a new coffee table babe.

Yes, I know we already have this table, but I do not want to use a heavy, traditional table:

trad table

Nor this round table because it is reading too shabby chic in the room:

round table

I am looking for something unique. If I were a client, I would suggest buying a glass table because of the windows and lightness in the room.:



But I have been through so many of my trade resources and I am not finding anything I love, (for what I would like to pay that is).

I do seem to be drawn to this simple table:



I like that it is open and visually does not take up a lot of room. Plus I like the idea of bringing in a bit of outdoor texture, (wood top).

I do like the mid- century look and have been wanting to bring a piece in the room:

mid century table




My husband just told me no way on the two tables above. “Ugly” was the word he used. He has no taste sometimes. haha

As I was researching and writing this post, I found this table:



I really, really like it. It received a five star, (out of five) rating from 641 reviews. The best part? It retails for $177.67.  I think this may be THE table! A great combination of retro-classy and contemporary.


Found this table, which is very similar to the simple table a few photos above:



I am getting this one. A little more expensive but I love it.

Well this ended up being a very helpful post for me!  I hope this was helpful for you also. Another project down. We just have to finish painting and I have to keep waiting for my backordered chairs. Trying to be patient! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey,

    I think you will find the right coffee table. Although I love the accents and the feeling the first pictures leaves 🙂 Quite impressed 🙂 Simple, with a bunch of accessories and yet it looks so comfy!

  2. You really did your homework and the table you found in the end is perfect!

    Can you share with us who the manufacturer is?
    Looking forward to the grand reveal.


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