“I literally employed Kelly on a whim. It was one of the best compulsive decisions I have ever made. I am extremely happy with the results. I live in an small, older home, built in the early 80’s. My kitchen was a disaster. Ugly paint covered my walls, but I did not know what to do. I took a chance. Kelly’s color choices instantly turned my kitchen to a beautiful space in my home. After seeing those results, I expanded the scope to include help with the choice of new countertops, a new backsplash, new light fixtures, new draperies and new area rugs. I was upfront with Kelly, and she helped me stay within my budget. I am putting the final touches on the kitchen this week. Now, I will no longer be ashamed to let someone visit my home. In fact, I will welcome the opportunity.  

I have total confidence in Kelly, So I have asked her to help me choose paint for the remainder of my downstairs living area. I am very pleased with the choices she has given me thus far. I am just starting the project, but I am confident that it is going to be another successful tale. In the spring, I will be painting the outside of my home. Guess who’s helping me?”

– Jeffrey Darvis

Kelley is a true designer who can turn an average home into a stunning, comforting experience. As a Real Estate professional I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her talent on many occasions. While marketing her properties, I watched as Buyers walked in and were in awe of the surroundings: Colors, Decor and the little touches only a true artist can accomplish. They would sit and relax while admiring the home. A talent best described as Perfection!

– Maureen Garrette, Badger Realty

“Kelly Bernier Designs helped me redecorate my master bedroom of my newly purchased house. The bedroom had no window treatments and a terrible blue color on the walls and built in shelving units near the window. Thankfully, with Kelly’s expertise, she was able to bring my bedroom back into this century with beautiful, clean and fresh wall colors, window treatments and a matching cushion for my window seat! With her help, I was able to love my master bedroom and enjoy spending time in there! Without her expert help in picking complementary wall colors, window treatment fabric and built in shelving units, I wouldn’t of even known where to start! With her help, I was able to give my bedroom a whole new looks– for not a huge investment! Thank you!”

– Meghan Walch

“Your eye for color, arrangement skills, and attention to detail changed our rather drab and staid business offices into a warm, inviting, yet professional business design…thank you ever so much!”

– Joel D. Jillson, Fire Chief, North Smithfield

“I hired Kelly to help design our living room. Working with Kelly was fun, exciting, and easy. She was quick and understood my style. She worked with my budget and offered a variety of suggestions. 

I had a wonderful experience working with Kelly and LOVE our newly designed living room!”

– Nina

“A few years ago I read an article on Interior Redesign and I saved it
until I was ready to pick out new interior paint colors for my home.  It
was a big undertaking and I just wasn’t comfortable making that decision on
my own or taking the advice of friends.   Kelly came over and  we talked
about my likes and dislikes then I showed her around the house so she could
get a feel for my personality.  We spent about an hour and a half
together….the time just flew by and before I knew it I had competely
redecorated my house.  My home has gone from a dull light grey to 
color everywhere, I just love it! Thank you Kelly!”

– Jeanne Priest, Mapleville, RI

“Choosing paint colors has always been very challenging for me, especially after having ‘move-in white’ walls for so long! With your guidance and expertise I was finally able to choose colors that I like, and that really complement and enhance my favorite art pieces in each room. I never would have gotten there without your help. Thanks so much.”

– Carol Ayala, North Smithfield