Target’s New Paint and Wallpaper Line

July 6, 2014



Has anyone tried any of the paint colors from Target’s new Devine paint color collection?



A reader wrote and asked me if I had worked with the paint yet. I have read a little about the new paint and wallpaper, but I have never actually used. There are 24 paint colors to choose from and to complement the palette, Devine Color Prints and Patterns wallpaper designs are coordinated to the paint colors. Each self-adhesive wall covering can be easily applied, removed or even re-positioned.



Devine Color was invented by artist Gretchen Schauffler and developed by Miller Paint of Portland, Oregon.

I did find out that not all of the colors can be found in each Target store, but all can be ordered online:



The prices run from $4.99 for a 8 oz. sample, 1 quart is $22.99, 2.5 liters is $29.99 and one gallon will cost you $59.99. The reviews are mixed, one customer stated how wonderful the wallpaper was and another wrote that the wallpaper was very difficult to work with.



I think some of the colors are very pretty and might try it on a smaller project.

I am anxious to hear if anyone has tried the new paint or wallpaper. Do you think it will be handy at times when running into Target for errands, you can also pick up a gallon of paint? What do you think?

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. What a coincidence! I was in Target yesterday and saw the paint cans on the shelves and stopped to look at the colors. They didn’t appear to have a ton of paint on the shelves, but the colors they had were quite pretty. Cannot wait to try it!

  2. I didn’t realize they carried paint and wallpaper. Now I want to go check it out. What a good idea to co-ordinate both.

  3. Yes, I have painted my entire house in Devine paint and it is truly DIVINE The colors are scrumptious and it goes on beautifully. Best feature is no fumes. My favorite color is Glass in my bedroom. It is perfect. I have used about 10 other colors if you have any question, anybody, let me know. Glass is by far the best neutral.

  4. I checked out the Target here in Ontario and I was told that the Target stores in Canada do not carry the paint and wallpaper line. Boohoo USA stores carry a lot more things than we get here in Canada, so I’m told.
    They also told me that they get a lot of people coming in looking for products that they see online but find that you can only get them in the states.

  5. I used Divine paint to paint my 400 square foot studio apartment. Well worth the price, the colors were great, the paint is rich and smooth. Easy to work with. I loved the results.

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