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The Best of 2015

December 27, 2015

What a wonderful year 2015 was both professionally and personally! Not only was I fortunate enough to visit High Point Market but I also was able to explore different parts of the world I have never been. And thanks to all of you, I had the best year ever blogging! Here are a few favorites I thought you might enjoy reading again:

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This was one of my favorite online design consults:

Nina’s Before & After Living Room


Turquoise & Beige Color Combination


Finishing Touches On Bath Update


A couple of popular hints and tips in 2015:

Helpful Tip For Orchids


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One of my favorites was guest posting:

Guest Posting At Color Me Happy!


A big thank you to all of you! Here’s to another great year of traveling and adventure! As most of you know, I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica this year:

Natural Beauty


Creatures, Creatures, Creatures

mom and baby

Now I have the traveling bug… for 2016 I already have Ireland and Nashville booked. Here’s to  another fun year of decorating and color! Have an amazing 2016 my friends!

ny quote


The Inspired Room Book Tour

November 6, 2015

The Inspired Room2

Melissa Michael’s new book The Inspired Room was released this week, (isn’t the cover beautiful?) and to celebrate, she’s inviting her blogger friends to share posts about how we were inspired to decorate a room in our home.

The room that popped immediately in my head was my guest room redesign. I recently finished decorating a bedroom in our NH home that I would finally be pleased to have guests stay over.

This was the guest room when we first moved in:

old guest room

Pretty sad guest room. Then by chance, I found this great headboard screen at Pier1 and the room took off from there. It was my inspiration piece for the room! So much better looking after don’t you agree?:


guest room

I found a great turquoise color I loved using the BM Color Capture App here. It is an easy tool to use to help you find the perfect paint color. I used many items that were already in the room and ‘borrowed’ the turquoise chair from another room. Love that free shopping!

guest room chair

corner view


I think the room came out nice and comfy and is ready for guests. Plus our view out the window is a bonus!:


You will love Melissa’s new book! It is filled with beautiful photos just like her first book, Love The Home You Have . I bought my copy this week and am enjoying each page. I love her laid back style of writing and decorating. And the photography is gorgeous!

The Inspired Room Tour - Celebrating the Launch of the New Coffee Table Book - The Inspired Room - by New York Times Best Selling Author of Love the Home You Have - Melissa Michaels
And you can also be part of this Inspired Room Tour by sharing your own inspired room. Go HERE for all of the details.

Order your copy of The Inspired Room HERE! Thanks for stopping by!

More Design Tips From FLS & Market 2015

October 28, 2015

I wanted to wrap up my trip to North Carolina with a few more good tips and trends I learned.


I really enjoyed myself at FLS (FurnitureLand South). It is an ENOURMOUS place, but very well laid out by room and by manufacturer for the average shopper. They carry two of my favorite furniture lines, because of their excellent quality and price, Lexington Home and Huntington House.

lexington Home

Lexington Home

Beautiful furniture and accessories everywhere! I learned that FLS takes great pride in their customer service. They have designers on staff to help you with your shopping experience and they have a ‘white glove’ policy where your furniture will be delivered and put perfectly in place in your home. I always had assumed their prices were expensive and only for the wealthier clientele. They actually have every price budget you could want- from low to very high $$$. I was very impressed with their whole operation.

fls aquarium

This aquarium bed above was only $85,000.00! I don’t know if I could even sleep with that around my head! haha

I also visited a fabric distributor, Greenhouse Fabrics. In their workroom, they keep track of the top 500 fabric patterns by color:



Neutrals are way up in first place with blue in second and reds in third.

So what were my take-aways from my week in FLS and Market 2015?

* The trend toward bringing the outdoors inside is huge! A lot of accessories, lighting and tables shown were made from organic materials.

* Animal prints will continue to be popular.

* Gold fixtures and accessories are moving forward and we will be seeing quite a bit of them.

*  Metallic is popular in fabrics as well as embroidered fabrics.

* I noticed quite a bit of furniture from the 1950’s- Don Draper Style.

* Neutrals are still, and will continue to be homeowner’s choice for their living spaces.

* Grays and browns will be mixed frequently together in rooms.

* Turquoise is still very popular in furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

* Grays are still very popular especially mixed with warm taupes and creams.

Are any of these points a surprise to you? I hope you have learned something new and can use this information for your home planning and future purchases.

High Point 2015: Spotting the Trends

October 19, 2015

What a wonderful experience! I made sure I did a little researching before I went so that I would not be overwhelmed by the size of the Market. I read up where previous style spotters suggested to visit to get the most out of my few days there. The three buildings that were on my must see list was the IHFC building:


IHFC, International Home Furnishings Center, features the industry’s top manufacturers. Perhaps the most sought-after location within IHFC is InterHall. Located on the first floor, this venue showcases the freshest ideas in home fashion from select up-and-coming exhibitors.

The Transportation Terminal building was my next stop where my favorite stores were located including Surya:


Beautiful bedding, soft goods and accessories galore! Lighting, rugs, ottomans and more! This is where I was fortunate to meet Candice Olson. She is just as funny and nice in real life as on TV.


And the third building on my list was Market Square:


Five floors of unique upscale showrooms in a beautiful former furniture factory that has been transformed into a beautiful exhibition space. Presenting all product categories in more than 100 showrooms.

I hope I was able to give you a visual picture of the buildings I visited. And here are the top trends I spotted:

Organic. Everywhere. I asked the question before I left for market here, “Are geometric textures and organic forms still popular going forward?” The answer is a very definite yes! It was just everywhere in tables, lighting and accessories. I would say it was the most popular ‘trend’ in all of the displays:


branches hp

organic lamps

And wood tones are coming back in our desire to bring nature indoors! I will tell you more on that subject later this week.

The colors that continue to stand strong are turquoise and dark blues:

turquiose desk

Can you see the turquoise lining inside the lamp? I loved it. I did spot quite a bit of rose colored accents and orange is still hot for accent pieces. Grays are still very popular especially mixed with warm taupes and creams:


Poufs and ottomans were also shown in many displays. A wide variety of colors and styles including organic. Very popular at market.

blue market

I really loved that ottoman in the photo above. What struck me was the bright white base with an off-white fabric. Another new trend?


The recycling movement is huge, huge, huge! Reduce, recycle, reuse. It was everywhere at the market.

For example, I saw quite a few book displays in color to use for your home shelving. These books were going to be thrown out by the library and were instead made into works of art:

colored books


Also very popular are items made from old bicycles:


recycler table


Very cool. Do not throw those old bikes away!

Here was an interesting idea on recycling:

paint cans

Using old paint cans as artwork:

paint mirror


What’s new in lighting? Well, outdoor lighting of course:

outdoor lamp

inside outdoor lamp

Do you see the waterproof jar over the light bulb? Genius.

Are starburst mirrors still trending? Yes, they were in many of the showrooms. I fell in love with love this mirror from the John Richard Collection:

sunna mirror

If you would like to read more on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ at High Point Market, there is a wealth of information here. Next time I will share with you my time with Candice Olson and her thoughts on neutrals, blue-green paint colors and much more!

Any other questions you are wondering about what was trending at Market?

Working With Your Existing Bath Fixtures

July 22, 2015

bath redo4

I wrote here about finding a new paint color for our bath. My husband said that I can do what I want in the room- just no removing the tub or tile!


master bath

So instead of ignoring the fixtures, (tub and tile have a pink undertone), I picked a wall paint color, Ben Moore Elephant Gray, to work with them, instead of the yellow walls that are clashing.

What do you think?:


Did you notice the ceiling? Ben Moore Antique Glass.  I love it!

bath redo

This color works really well with our new granite also:



bath redo4

Another project completed. We love how it looks!

Lesson for the day: If you have to work around your existing fixtures/furnishings, find a paint color to work with your items so that the room will look pulled together. If you choose a paint color that doesn’t work with, the fixtures will stand out because of the contrast between the two.

New Condo Redesign

June 24, 2015

shells in jars

I am starting to feel a little more accomplished settling into the new condo. We are not living out of boxes anymore which is a good thing. Just a few more things to hang on the walls and I am done!

Here is the kitchen area when we moved in:

new condo kitchen

And after:

new kitchen

kitchen condo

Living Room:

new condo NS

lr condo

I basically used all of the same furnishings from the old condo for the new living room. Now the room feels more comfortable and homey because our stuff is here.

Bedroom Before:

new condo bedroom


new bed

new b

I found the quilt set on Joss & Main for less than $100.00. Aren’t the turquoise window panels pretty? I found them at Target! I think they make the room.

And somehow, during all of the unpacking, this row ended up on my kitchen counter:

my man

Can you tell which one is not like the others? 🙂

We are now open for summer parties! Yay summertime!