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Updating Your Trim/Molding

July 14, 2018

Are you wanting to change your look in a room, but stained molding is stopping/preventing you from getting the fresh, clean and updated look you are yearning for? I have another solution. No, I am not talking about gorgeous historical or custom made trim work like this:

wood trim


I am talking about the too small and thin stained molding that looks like eyeliner on the top and bottom of your wall:

stained trim


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Revere Pewter With Oak Cabinets?

April 16, 2015

A reader recently wrote asking if I thought Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter paint color works well with oak cabinets. Here is a nice example I found on Houzz:

oak cabinets


I think it works very well in the room above which has the oak cabinets. Since I could not find other photos online, I took my large color sample to see how it looked with the lighter stained wood:

revere and oak

revere and oak 2

revere and oak 3

I think Revere Pewter and the light wood work well together. The green undertone in the paint and the yellow undertone in the wood are playing very nice together. I also like the combination of Revere Pewter with the darker stained wood:


revere and wood

revere and wood2

One reason I have always loved Revere Pewter is because it is such a versatile and adaptable color. If you have noticed, a room that has been painted in Revere Pewter and the room has a lot of sunlight, the walls will read more gray. In lower lit rooms, the  Revere Pewter walls take on more of a beige color:

gray revere pewter


beige revere pewter


And another big reason that I love Revere Pewter is because it works with most all other colors. Such a perfect color! So yes, Diane, I think Revere Pewter works well with oak cabinets. But be sure to sample in your lighting! Such an important step because the paint color will look different in the day and the night lighting and you want to be sure you love both!


I Disagree, David Bromstad

May 20, 2014



In the new June issue of HGTV home magazine, I read an article where David Bromstad, host of HGTV Color Splash, answered paint questions from homeowners. One of the questions was:

“What wall colors look good with dark woodwork? I don’t want to paint the trim that’s original to my house.”

David answered:

“Dark woodwork can be incredible, but only if the wall color majorly contrasts with it; otherwise it will look like a haunted house. That’s why I would go with white.The lighter the walls, the more high-end the trim appears.”

light walls2


This is where I disagree with the very talented David Bromstad. He is saying that you should use a white paint color for contrast to really make the woodwork stand out. But why would you want woodwork to stand out? ‘Hey, look at me’.

light kitchen


When I design a room, I select a wall color to bring the furnishings, window treatments, rugs and accessories together for a cohesive look. But if you have that much contrast between the wood color and the wall color, that is all you are going to notice in the room. If that is the look you want, then I would advise you to go for it. But just be aware, there will be a high contrast, wood-bossy look in the room.

wood and white kitchen


If you want your room to look together and cohesive, I suggest using a color that works with the wood. That’s why I love the greens with stained trim, here and here:

brookside moss


I think it looks natural and beautiful together. So I am really sorry David Bromstad, I do not agree with your white paint and dark woodwork combination. It is too high contrast for me. Readers, who do you agree with?

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