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#1 Decorating Tip for Home Sellers

August 28, 2012

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When looking online and in newspapers at home listings, have you ever noticed the number of homes that still have outdated window treatments?

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If you are serious about selling your home, be sure to take a look at your windows. If you do not have custom-made window treatments that are less than eight years old, it is time to take them down.


Even though it’s difficult to separate your emotions, try to remember that when you are selling your home, it needs to be as neutral as possible. Since each person’s home style is so different, try to make your home a ‘blank canvas’ so a potential buyer can really see themselves in your home. You have to remember your good taste might not be someone else’s good taste.

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What are “outdated window treatments”? I am not referring to privacy blinds, but those swags and panels you have covering your windows that have been there since the 1990’s. And those panels that do not come all the way to the floor? They need to be taken down.


I cannot tell you how many times on a staging consultation that I walked up to the windows and pulled back the curtains in a home and the client says “Ohhhh..” The light that fills the room immediately makes such a great change and feel in the room. Best of all, it is free!

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By removing your curtains, the room will instantly be lighter and brighter which will make the room appear larger. Which home do you think a potential home buyer will fall in love with? A dark, deary home or a brightly lit space? The sunshine will win every time.

Open Your Windows To Paint


So take down those curtains and let the beautiful outdoors shine through! Not only will potential buyers be impressed, but you might love the look yourself!


If you need decorating advice in your home, contact me today.

Weekend Resale Ready Home Staging

April 2, 2012


This past weekend I helped a new client, Eva, prepare her home to put onto the market for sale. She has a beautiful, sun-filled home that she just wanted me to ‘dress up pretty’ before it is officially listed on the market. Here is a picture of her kitchen before:


I had to work with this blue:


I found a great rug for only $14.99 at Home Goods:


Which I used to bring color in the room:



Eva also had a vibrant yellow bathroom:


That I calmed down a bit with a pretty shower curtain:


There was one bedroom upstairs that looked very old and dated. I had her paint the one room in the Ben Moore Palladian Blue color:


This color is so beautiful, it needs no other props in the room.


One area of the home I notice that is often overlooked is the closet:


Potential buyers do not want to see your old quilts, towels, mattress pads, etc. in the closet. Eva needed to keep just a few items in the closet. Instead of leaving the clothes all spread out:


I just brought all the pieces together and placed the best looking piece on the top:


The closet looks much neater now and shows how large it actually is.

I also laid a few bright Welcome mats at the home’s entrance which really brightened up the area (which of course I forgot to take pictures of). We spent under $100.00 for everything and I think it looks great.

Does anyone recognize this picture?:


It was left at the house stored away in a closet. I am so drawn to it. I don’t know if I love it or not!

Well, Eva is very happy with the way the staging came out. So that makes me happy! Best of luck for a quick and profitable sale Eva!

If you need help getting your home ready for sale, contact me today.

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