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Lynn’s Family Room Window Treatments

November 19, 2016

Continuing with helping my sister-in-law with her family room:


The blue sofa looks so nice with the Ben Moore Shaker Beige walls:


She has not received her chair because it was a custom order with the fabric she choose:Read More

Selecting a Sofa For Beige Painted Walls

November 12, 2016

My sister-in-law recently asked if I could help her find a new sofa for her family room. It is a well used, busy room for an active family and is a really nice and bright sunny spot in their home.

Lynn’s existing family room wall color is Ben Moore Shaker Beige:

shaker beige

Before she even went shopping, I gave her a few tips to remember:

*   Bring a painted sample  of your wall color to the store. The bigger the better I say.

*   FYI- When looking at various sofas, if you like the comfort and design of the piece, but not the fabric, there are other choices of fabric to choose from. There are usually around six to twelve other colors of fabric that you can choose from for the same cost. There are also other fabric options, but that is getting into custom and that means the price tag will go up. Just so you know that you have other choices besides the sample on the floor. The store never seems to mention that!Read More

Using Various Shapes To Add Interest

January 25, 2016

I am not talking about geometric shapes and patterns in fabric prints such as chevron, plaid, etc. I am referring to actual shapes such as round, oval, square and rectangle:Read More

My Furniture Arrangement and Why

April 7, 2014

[pinterest]A reader friend recently wrote and asked if I would show the other side of my condo living room to see how the furniture was arranged:

“What do you have on the other side of the room from the large window?  Is there a wall there?  What furniture did you place there, if any?  Does your little side table sorta overlap the fireplace or is there room between it?”

Well, here is the other side of the room across from the windows:

tv wall

This is a large, long living room area. Our TV was a main factor in deciding what the purpose of room will be used for. I am not the greatest fan of the TV over the fireplace, but it does make the best sense for arranging this room. (Plus, that is where all the cable and wires were.)


My first goal for the room was to walk in and have your eyes drawn to my pretty chairs, the windows and beyond:


I will tell you, that when I took photos to show off my new chairs in front the window, I had my husband move ‘his’ chair out of the way. No one wants to see that big, clunky chair in my nice photo shot:

mike chair

This is my husband’s favorite comfortable chair to watch TV and movies. He lives here too, so it is only right. lol. I push it out of the way the best I can and try to disguise it with throws and pillows.

My spot to watch TV is on the sofa. There were not a lot of options where to place the large piece. Either in front of the windows, or maybe between the living room/dining room area:


But I thought that big, empty wall was just crying out for attention:



So that is why the furniture was arranged this way. It is comfortable, pretty and functional. We also entertain in this room, but we seem to hang out more on the other side of the room with guests which I will share later this week.

Does anyone else have these ‘special’ (man-chair) pieces to work around?

Jazzy Statement Chairs

November 18, 2013



Don’t you just love one-of-a-kind statement chairs? A chair that is full of personality and uniqueness?:


I have to admit I was pretty excited when One Kings Lane contacted me last week to help introduce their new Decor Resource Center to my blog readers. They knew I loved accent statement chairs and asked if I would share one of my favorite chairs. Here is a chair I just finished painting and had reupholstered:


I have always loved the shape of this chair. According to the resource guide, my chair is similar to Renaissance Revival Chair, 1870. Their resource guide is great that you can look up the history of your chair from Ancient civilizations to Modern American Design. There are illustrations of each chair that includes a detailed history:

okl chair


When designing a statement chair, the first step is finding a chair that you love, a piece that gets you excited(no matter what it looks like before):


Then I decide where the chair will be going, so I can work with the existing furnishings. I put together this fabric palette that will work well:

chairr fabric

I think statement chairs add life to a room by being a centerpiece that accents the rest of the decor. When people enter the room, their eyes are drawn to it. Here are a couple of my favorite chairs I have saved:

fav chair


pink chair







Sometimes a room needs a chair as a finishing touch once everything is in place. Do you have any statement chairs in your home? Now is the time to search the internet or flea markets for a signature chair that can be reupholstered, repainted or restored to finish off the room!

PS I wanted to add a couple pictures of the whole fireplace that a reader requested. She wanted to see the whole thing. Here you go Terri!

If you need help accessorizing your home, contact me today.

New Navy Blue Sofa!

April 22, 2013


Like many of us, my budget for home beautification only allows me to afford one big purchase at a time:


Ever since I started our living room project, I have been dreaming of a navy blue sofa since I saw this beauty:



A very beautiful and very expensive sofa. But I want it and the color navy fits right into my color scheme! What to do? The sofa I have now is only about five years old. It is still in great shape and I have always loved its Chesterfield look:

I love the rolled arms and it is so comfortable with the ottoman. I wanted to keep it but the fabric was not working anymore. Since the fabric is the most expensive part of having anything reupholstered, I have kept my eye out for a good price on fabric. I found this navy blue velvet on sale:



To have a couch reupholstered, a sofa this size takes about 16 yards of fabric. The price was $14.00 a yard, plus 2 extra yards for the ottoman. 18 yards x $14.00 = $252.00 for fabric. That is a pretty good price! A reupholster price for labor on both the sofa and ottoman should cost you around $500.00. Not too bad for a ‘new’ sofa!


Next step is finding a great, affordable rug to go with my new sofa. I ordered  rug samples from Ballards in Natural that I think will work great in the room and is pretty reasonable in price:





I need to balance the white over to the other side of the room and the rug will do just that:


But wait!! I just found the perfect rug! Love, love, love:




Well, perfect except for the price (sad face). I am still going to order a sample ($10.00) to be sure it will work. I noticed Company C does have an online design program where I might be able to get a designer discount. When you find ‘the’ perfect item to work in your design plan, you have to decide if you want to wait and save up for it or find something comparable that will work but not be so costly.



I am not a very patient person when I get a great idea! I just want to keep moving forward to get the project completed. But, because of the budget, I am going to have to wait a bit to make another large purchase. Does this happen to you too? Isn’t it frustrating?

Well, it is another step toward my design goal. I love my new navy sofa and am very grateful! On to the next step!


Here is a helpful link to an upholstery guide here that helps you determined how much fabric you will need for your upholstery project.