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Working With That Bossy Bath Fixture

January 30, 2014


Can you pick out which item is the ‘bossy’ one in the room? This ‘custom designed’ bath was very popular in the 90’s. This color was very common. Why is the tub considered bossy? Because it is so large in the room you can not overlook it and the color is so bold:


Can you see all the pink undertones in the tub color? The tub color is not what is wrong in this room, it is the yellow wall paint with the pink tub that is not working together:


Thankfully the wall tile also has the pink undertones so it is playing well with the tub. The toilet and sink are also this taupe color:

The homeowner does not want to get rid of the tub, but does want to replace the toilet and sink which is a good start.

So the tub is staying and we must work with it because it has such a demanding presence in the room. The tile floor is also staying:


Which is obviously filled with pink undertones. So, what can you change to make the room look beautiful? Why paint of course!


A couple good color choice for the walls here would be Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige HC-45 or Benjamin Moore Cedar Key 982. They are a safe color choice, they both will blend with the tub,  the room will look more cohesive and either choice would look beautiful.

Another option you might want to look at is the color in the tile:


I see a lot of gray color. Gray is a great neutral so that would be a good color choice to look at. To pull the gray out of the tile even more, I would use a stronger shade of gray such as Ben Moore Rockport Gray HC- 105 or Boothbay Gray HC-165. There is also white in the tile, but I think a white would look too pale in the room and to me, make the tub stand out even more.


Do you have a bathtub or other bossy piece in your home that has prevented you from redoing the room? Always work with it, not against it, (and do not ignore it) or it may stand out even more. A fresh coat of the right paint color will help update the room quickly and inexpensively. The magic of paint!

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.

Before & After

June 20, 2012


My husband’s nephew Jonathan and his wife Megan recently built an addition on their existing home. They gained three bedrooms, a big new kitchen, dining room, playroom and living room. They are a young couple with a little 3 year old sweetheart named Kailey and her ten month old little brother Cameron. Meg and I were talking at a recent family gathering and I told her that I would love to help her pick colors for her new home!

The above picture is their new den/family room. Below is the before picture:


One reason I love the color Ben Moore Fernwood Green is because it works well with so many other colors. I knew the color would be great for a young family that will be growing and will always give them the flexibility to change any item throughout the room.

In the photo below, I wanted to demonstrate how a color will always lighten when painted up on the wall. See how much darker the sample is against the wall?:


It is also a beautiful color for a room with a lot of light. Below is a picture of the kitchen before:


Meg had a sample of her countertop when we choose colors so we used that to help select a color for the walls. Here is the kitchen below that was painted Shaker Beige:


Do you see the red wall? Here it is before painting:


And here it is with some personality!:


Meg wanted a fun color that would ‘pop’ so your eye would be drawn forward from the kitchen into the next room. I think the BM Caliente AF-290 did the trick and worked beautifully. Don’t you love her mirror art? Looks great!

Here is the master bedroom before:


And after painted BM Wyeth Blue:


Below is a picture of Cameron’s room before:


And after. I love this color! Philipsburg Blue HC-159. They love it too!:


This picture came out a little fuzzy below, but I wanted to show you how well it works with the Fernwood Green (color brought up the stairs):


Meg and Jon plan to use this room as an office someday. Did you notice how the color looks different in the different lighting?

I saved the best for last. Here is a picture of the Princess Kailey’s room before:


Below is Kailey’s room after painting with Ben Moore Angelina 1376:


The color in the photo looks pinker than the actual color sample.


Look how pretty it looks where her mom put the stencils on her headboard. And here is the beautiful princess resting for just a quick minute:


She would not let me take picture of her unless she was jumping on the bed! So I did get quite a few motion shots. And here is sweet, little Cameron:


I really had a fun visit with the family when I came to take pictures. Jon and Meg are so pleased with their new home and the new colors which really makes me happy. Kailey was sad when I had to leave, but look at the picture she made for me!:


I hope you enjoyed the tour! What do you think of our color choices?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.

Benjamin Moore’s Top Searched Colors

October 20, 2011

This week on Benjamin Moore’s facebook page, they posted a collection of colors that are the most online searched. And the winner is…..

Shaker Beige HC-45:

House Beautiful

This list from Benjamin Moore is again a list full of neutrals. In my post Top 20 Selling BM Paint Colors for 2010, I noticed the list was all whites and neutrals. It really surprised me until someone pointed out that it probably was paint that was bought for trim and doors. That makes sense. I’ve also listed the entire list of runner up colors with photos below. Are any of them surprising to you?

linen white 912:

Marzia620: Home - Bedroom in Linen White and Cream - bedroom, white, cream, linen decorpad

  • manchester tan HC-81:


Don’t you love to be able to actually “see” photos of the rooms painted before you make your decision on which color to choose?

  • monroe bisque HC-26 :


                white dove OC-17:

Benjamin Moore Natural Cream Walls, Trim is White Dove- houzz

  • bleeker beige HC-80:


  • revere pewter HC-172:

C.B.I.D. Home Decor & Design

  • navajo white 947:


  • lenox tan HC-44:


  • hawthorne yellow HC-4:

Are these some of the colors you have searched lately? Just be aware of the undertones my decorating friends!

And Benjamin Moore’s 2012 Color of the Year:


wythe blue HC-143.  Such a beautiful color.

If you need help with choosing paint colors for your home, contact me today.

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Choosing Neutrals Like the Pros

August 25, 2010

Since I have been in design for about 20 years now, I have seen a lot of colors go in and out of style.  But when talking about neutrals, not much has changed at all. Such as the colors below that are as popular now as 20 years ago.



Even after all these years, 95% of the time, color experts still go straight to Ben Moore’s Historical Colors.

Classic Colors® Fan Deck
Ben Moore Classic Color Fan Deck

Why?  Because they have proven over time to be colors that are a collection of time-honored hues comprising their most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.

Healing and Barsanti
Healing and Barsanti
Many designers go right to the historical collection also because although we have played with and experimented many different colors, the collection has proven over and over to be winning colors voted for and used by many.  Why?  Because they provide good backgrounds and serve to unify diverse color palettes.
House Beautiful

Neutral colors help to put the focus on other colors or serve to tone down colors that might otherwise be overpowering on their own.  See how in the photo above, the fireplace is the focus in the room?  

Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi
Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi


This is an example of how a neutral background works best  by not competing with the main colors of the room.

In my post about my favorite neutral colors here, all of my favorite neutrals were pulled from the historical collection.  In my article ‘Top Selling BM  paint Colors for 2010, most all colors are also from the same historical collection.

Erin Martin
Erin Martin

So next time you begin searching for that perfect neutral color for your home, take a look at Ben Moore’s Historical Colors first knowing that they are proven winners and used by many experts.

Do you have a favorite neutral color you want to share with us?

If you need help making your home happy and comfortable, contact me.